BIG BBC bird watch

Last week we went on the Big BBC Schools birdwatch with Mr Carter and Mrs Carter.

First we saw a house sparrow that was eating bird food in our playground. they was three there,  we got 23 at the end of our long walk.
Next we saw jackdaws they were a black bird with a slightly grey Neck. We saw 77 jackdaws at the end.
We saw a buzzard in the distance by Mill Pond.

And we put the birds that we got on the BBC big Schools birdwatch page. We had lots of fun doing it.
And we will continue everyday to feed the birds.


We have started collection information about the birds we see in the playground and around Banton: Banton Birds.

The World Must Be Coming to an End

The Banton Biggies have joined in with the World Must Be Coming To An End – #singalangtaethelangestsang project. This is trying to

Help create the langest Scots sang EVER!

Listen to the classic Scots children’s song, The World Must Be Coming To An End, and write a new verse with your class.

Click on the link below to listen to and read the verses the Biggies made up.

Banton, Oh Aye