Christmas Challenge 1 – Minetest

The Biggies have some Christmas Challenges today:

  1. Minetest, build a snow house, igloo, Christmas tree, bonus points for Christmas jumper
  2. Newspaper Christmas table, to hold 5 book, max height 20cm
  3. Santa Sleigh to hold choc Santa & pudding
  4. Micro:bit Christmas decoration

Here are some early minetest results, not sure if we will get to the other challenges…

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More Microbits

Zara made a video showing all of our micro:bit Christmas projects.


And here is another video from 2 primary 4s.

Remember you can see all of the microbit christmas videos too

A micro:bit Christmas

The Biggies have been working hard designing models with microbits for Christmas.

While doing this we identified  learning  including Team Work, Coding, Building (measuring, painting, cutting etc.), Designing, Planning and Problem Solving! We also used Clips to make these videos. More are in the pipeline and will be added to the playlist when they are ready.