Playground Poets

These poems were written on a sunny morning in the playground.

We tried to describe what we saw and what was happening as clearly as possible without adjective or adverbs.


playground poems

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I Come From

We have been reading a couple of poems called I come from by Robert Seattar and Dean Atta. We found them on the Breadalbane Academy P7 Poetry Blog where that class has written some poems too.

We wrote our own, they are pretty great:

featured Image by Strebe and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Raven Poems

We saw a couple of ravens flying high above our playground last week. The Biggies have been reading poems in The Lost Words again. After reading The Raven we watched some youtube videos of Ravens flying:

We then wrote our own poems in the Kenning form.

The class created a huge list of verbs to describe what ravens do and adjectives to describe them. We turned our verbs into nouns to write the kennings.

Things we Love and Hate

More poems this week.

We have been reading Edwin Morgans Poem: A view of things. We worked on our own poems. We enjoyed the lack of punctuation and made some great images with words.

Poems on the Table

We have been reading Table a poem by Turkish poet Edip Cansever translated by Richard Tillinghast. The class have been writing their own poem basted on the ‘shape’ of this poem. Click the titles to read the poems.

The featured image on this post is Our Table by cogdog on Flickr shared as Public domain

Riddle Poems

Last week in teams we were looking at the poem Bluebottle by Judith Nicholls. We ended up by writing our own.

Who dives and thrives,
Who is always is wanting to chill,
When scared, there invisible because they stop and stay still,
They can go slow or full speed ahead,
Some people like to keep them as pets next to the bed,
People like to eat them, have them dead on a dish,
But they are just so beautiful, water dwelling fish,

Who races and chases, 🏁
Dashes through the water, 💦
A shine in his teeth, 🦷
And detail on his gills,🐟
Now swims in the ocean,🌊
Now gone with a trace, 🛣
A large fish, 🐟
Who moves like the light,💡
Bound for the sea bed, 🛏
Who’s lightning, wind, 🌩
Always chomping fish,🐟
Ocean chopper, fishes terror.

Who licks and lies,
Who leaps and fetch,
A deep growl,
Now barks in the bright,
Who eats grass,
But will never fight,
A dog

Who dives and dives,
splashes and crashes,
chomps and bites,
attaches and devours,
up and down,
round and round,
thrives and dives,
like a pouncing lion under water,
fish are a dish for the Megalodon.

Who goes round and round,
up and down,
jumps, pounces?
Jaguars jumping about,
don’t go near of he might pounce
up and down,
round and round,
even if they do that they leave no trail.


You can see more poems written in out Teams meetings: TeamsPoems

Our Magic Box

Last Week we worked on the poem The Magic Box by Kit Wright in our Teams meetings, we came up with our own version, I think it is as good as the original.

The Magic Box

I Will Put In The Box,
The First Great White Shark,
A Great Green Tree,
The Last Light Seen On Earth.

I Will Put In The Box,
The first life of a man
The joy of god
The light of god

I will put in the box:
A dog with a head for a tail,
a cat who had a hat,
and stegosaurus with no toe,

I will put in the box:
The first laugh of a baby,
The last ray of sunshine,
The wind blowing in the trees.

I will put in the box:
The sight of the Queen
A duck flying free
To see the first petals on the trees

I will put on the box…
A new clear crystal,
My dogs first loud howl,
My baby brother’s first word.

I will put in my box
A flame from a dying sun,
A fallen star dropped by the night sky,
Life from another planet.

I will put in my box…
The colour of the sky,
The stars in the night,
The work that warmth of the sun.

I will put in the box:
My puppies first bark,
A memory of a sunny day in the park,
The smell of a flower,
And a sweet that is sour.

Our box is made of unicorn fluff, wood and Redstone,
It has tractors and dens on the top.
The body is made of barriers,
Invisible if it is not in your hand,
I shall ride my unicorn box into tomorrow,
The end of lockdown and McDonalds.

Verses by Aaron, Josh, Ben , Hannah, Alice, Skye, Heather, Jessica, Caelan. The whole class worked on the last two verses.

The Bantiraptors

A week ago we looked at the poem Sweetieraptors which as a lot of Scot’s words and is great fun. The biggies wrote their own verses, being careful to rhyme and follow the rhythm of the original.

We put together the movie to show our poems. Each pupil made a keynote slide to cary the text and used the green screen feature of iMovie to add that text onto of their movies. They then added the voice.

Everyone AirDropped their movies to Aaron who put them altogether into one longer video.

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