I come from

I come from a greasy, salty, sour taste.

I come from bar, beam, vault and floor.

I come from a pink water, an orange skies and red moons.

I come from working as hard as I can every day.

I come from a joy of cats, dogs and my best friend Alice.

I come from a noise of my brother screaming my sister snoring, birds chirping

and my sleepy song.

I can from a fear of spiders, snakes and cockroaches.

I come from weathers of snow rain and sunny skies.

I come from long wet muddy walks.

I come from waiting in the house for ever and ever.

I come from a smell of vinegar and candles and smoke.

I come from working out at gymnastics.

And I bring a bag with chalk and hand guards in it and a water bottle.


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