Fire Pit Fun 🔥

Yesterday we had a fire in the playground for this to go ahead we had to sit at the fire pit and we needed to have the right equipment.
So we fixed the logs at the fire pit and got water kindling and the first aid kit.
With all that we where ready to start so me and Aaron cut the kindling while Lara laid a bed of kindling. Then we made a triangle of kindling because triangles are a sturdy object with all that we where ready to go.

So we started the fire using flint and steal and then it got smokey which got annoying but I got use to it.
We got a stick and put a marshmallow and apple on it we roasted them but before we did we needed to ask to approach the fire.
The marshmallow and apple tasted really good.after that we sat and chatted for a bit and then Mr Johnston put the fire out and that was it.

I enjoyed the fire and food I’m happy and appreciative about us being able to go out and have a fire.

Yesterday, the primary 6 & 7 went out to cook marshmallows and apples in the fire.

In the afternoon we all went out to have a fire at the fire pit we all went outside and got the fire ready.

First we got a fire king or queen. Kaitlyn was the fire queen. Lara made the fire bed using kindling Me and Jonah cut up. To start the fire we all went around in a circle lighting sparks to see who could light the fire. Kristy got the bests spark so we got some bog cotton and some wood and lit to on fire we flung it in the bed and we could already smell the fire.

After a few minutes we went inside and grabbed our own sticks and trapped one of each marshmallow and apple slice. We attached them to our sticks and went back into the fire circle. Half of the people approached the fire and cooked the marshmallow most people burnt there’s but some people got it a Krispy golden brown. Brown makes it delicious. My apple got burnt so I couldn’t eat it. Kaitlyn let go her apple and accidentally dropped it in the fire.

After we eat all the lovely food we all had circle time and showed how we felt. But everyone got to choose what question they wanted and we went around the circle and finished up.

We plan on making on other one soon we all had an amazing time outside and I hope you enjoyed my story of the fire pit.

By Aaron & Jonah.

Dem Bones 🦴

Yesterday Afternoon, Mr & Mrs Carter Came in to show us some animal skeletons including a human named Sarah. The skeletons were found by Mr & Mrs Carter, These were badgers, foxes, a human and two roe Deer, one from Dow’s wood and one from Denny. The fox they found in their garden shot and they buried it to get rid of the flesh to leave it with just the bones.

When they came in we went into four groups and our group was Me, Hannah, Lara, Alana and Jessica. We started off with a roe deer from Denny, we had to get all the bones back together to make the animal again. We split into different sections to work on. I made the spine, Jessica was the dentist who made the teeth go back into the skull. Hannah & Alana was putting the rib back together, Finally Lara was putting the arms and legs together.

Secondly we got the badger next we had the same jobs, Jessica had a harder job putting the teeth in this time, all around it was a bit harder because it was smaller than the last one. Lastly we got the roe deer again but it was from Dow’s wood, once again same jobs but we didn’t have that much of a struggle this time cause we already done one similar to the first one.

Now we got the second part of the afternoon it was to just inspect the bones, we started of with the human. The hand was really flexible and weird, the foot was like the same it was really flexible and in the pelvis the was a hole where you could put the leg bone in. 

After that we went to the next table and at that table we had a rabbit, a vole, and some beautiful sea shells, Alice was really concentrated on building a rat if you inspected it there was so many little pieces. After That we moved over to our last table and there was a Heron head, a Hedgehog head.

We really enjoyed Mr & Mrs Carter Coming in Yesterday and I hope you enjoyed this report.

Junior Sports Leader’s – Hannah & Aaron

What it’s about

Junior sports leader’s is a club of p5-7’s getting coached to coach the p1-4’s to be more active and have fun.

Session 1

Julie from active schools came in to talk to us about how to be a Junior Sports Leader. We got booklets of how to be a junior sports leader. Julie quickly ran through session 1 of the booklet and then she teaches us some warm up games like Tig, What’s the time Mr Wolf and other games.

Session 2

Now Julie went onto the main games like Ice Cube where we couldn’t be seen moving. And we obviously had to start with a warmup game which was tig and we also made our own obstacle courses. And then we tidied up and we are to do session 2 in our little booklet.

Micro:bit guitars part 2

We have been working with our micro:bit guitars. We now control them with light and acceleration, the light controls the tone and the tempo is controlled by the acceleration.

To play the micro:bits you need to move it and control the light by waving you hand over it or putting near a light source.

Today we added two bits of tin foil on our guitars, and we will use this in the nearer future to turn it off or on.

K’nex Challenge

Today we went to the k’nex challenge at Kilsyth academy and we had to build a go cart and it had to have 4 wheels 1 seat 25 cm tall and 30cm wide or under. And you had to make it have a steering mechanism to turn. And there was 7 schools and we came 1ST!!! Then Ballmaloch was the runner up aka 2nd place. And I got sweets and 2 pencils and so did Fulton. But the other Banton team lost a mark because their cart was to wide. But they got 3rd!!!


You can see more pictures of the event on Kilsyth Academy’s Blog

Harvest Assembly

Today we went to the school hall to do a harvest assembly and we all took are places and action we started. The back row stood up and starting with a introduction Emily and Aaliyah did that and then we started.

And we started talking about thanking people for bringing in the food for this assembly. The biggies made some fruit and vegetables art inspired by Arcimboldo. We sang big red combine harvester. Then the p4 and 3’s made little poems and sang harvest samba. Then finally the p1’s and 2’s sang dingle dangle scarecrow. Then Mr Macanaly said some words.

At the end we sung our school song the clapped and then Mrs McLoud talked about how well we did. The parents, grandparents and guests went got some food and drink.

Banton shop (MSC Loudens): Vote for us

There’s a new shop in Banton and it’s got lots. Every 2 weeks on Sunday it gets restocked. It was opened by a man called Mark Louden.

Anyway you can get your everyday stuff like milk water food even sweets and it’s child friendly so no alcohol or anything that is not child friendly.

There’s a competition of a logo for it so you go in the shop and there’s drawings on the walls there the logos.
You can vote for one and the one with the most votes wins. And all of them were made by Banton Primary by the primary 4’s 5’s 6’s and 7’s.

Mud snails

Mud snails 🐌

Bug life came in to speak with us and spoke about mud snails. There going to leave us some mud snails to look after for them to grow up to adult snails to increase the population.

Buglife explained what there about, mud snails are rare and there only 7 ponds in Scotland where they live.

⁃ Activity 1) Colour a snail in and put a fact on it’s shell then name them.
⁃ Activity 2) Match snails by there adult and there baby snail.
⁃ Activity 3) Word-search things to do with mud snails and colour 3 bugs/insects in.

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