I come from

I come from Banana when I was sick,

Hot chocolate when I was cold,

I come from rain wet and cold,

Sun hot and dry,

Dogs running around you,

Glue on hand for art,

Paper to draw with,

Pens to draw,

Chicken for a Sunday dinner,

Chips that my mum will make for me,

I come from Dogs shouting,

Rein on the windows,

Water when I am wash my hand,

Dog in my bed at night,

Books on my bed when I am reading them,

Mum helping me when I am sick,

My Dad helping me ride my bike,

Sister helping me keeping my room fine,

Dark when I am in my room at night,

I come from Christmas when I am sick,

Butterfly’s going all over my flower in the summer,

Sunsets in the hot summers,

Rain in the very cold winters.

By Rhea

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