#MathsWeekScotland Fun

A short week in the biggies, but we managed to have a bit of maths fun with an outdoor tables challenge and some tarsia puzzles. We also worked on collaborative problem solving with diagrams.

If you would like to try some simple multiplication and division tarsia, you could try these ones, print them out and mix them up:

Highlights of a short week in the Biggies

The biggies has a sporty week:

On Monday we practised our junior leaders routines. We will lead activities with p1-3 very soon.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Active Schools Julie and a Rugby Scotland Coach. We had a great time play some rugby based activities.

We also did some group work on Climate Change:


Group Work Climate ChangeWe finished the week by meeting up with the Primary 1-3 and sharing the Autumn zines we made last week.

Rotary Competition for COP26 Conference

The objective is to raise awareness of Climate Change by inviting school children to design a poster on A4, which would convey their message to the world on what needs to be done to make the world a better and safer place for their generation.

P6-7 all had a go and we sent of a couple to the Rotary club last week. This fit in well with our learning about Climate Change this term.

Junior Sports Leaders

On Monday Afternoon Julie from Active Schools, @NLASC_Julie, started week one of our Junior Leaders program. The Children in p6&7 are learning how to lead the younger children in keeping active and having fun.

Here is a wee video of the children practising warm up games:

We can’t wait till next week.

small poems

We have been reading some poems by Valerie Worth. She specialised in poem focused on an animal or inanimate object of some type. They are short, simple and descriptive. They do not rhyme and the line breaks can be odd.

After reading the poems and thinking about the different features and techniques the class wrote some of their own. We tried to make the poems put a picture in your mind, use simple language and short lines.



a dog








the westie






The Biggies are Back

And they are a pretty decent bunch.

The class have settled in really well and are working hard with a great attitude.

We are going to continue with the idea that we do not need a strict set of rules as long as we are “Pretty Decent Kids”. We spent some time thinking about the sorts of things that a Pretty Decent Kid would be like. From explorative through silly to creative. We made some graphics to represent these ideas. Click on the thumbnails below to see in more detail.