Tremendous Teamwork

A couple of day ago our teacher was giving us a lesson about teamwork. we had to create a algorithm with our hands and then write a very nice poster for others to learn from. We worked in threes but they were randomised partners, we had to learn to compromise and share our ideas with one another.

Top Tips for team work

Talking to each other
Listing to each other
Agreeing with with each other
Discussing each other’s ideas 💡
Looking at each other
Be patient

By Aaliyah and Islay

Be bright be seen

Friday the 12th of October 2018.

Today the JRSO’s (junior road safety officers) Me and Jessica organised a be bright be seen day for the end of term. This was because in October it’s is be bright be seen month. A couple of days ago me and Jessica wrote a letter to Mrs McLeod then Mrs Rae told Mrs McLeod and that’s what we are doing today. We are going to do a word search and make a t-shirt.

The assembly was better than we thought it would be but it was nerve racking when we first stood up. We had to talk about wearing bright clothes at night so the drivers can see you crossing the road. Then we watched a power point on what you can wear that is bright like a reflective jackets or a reflective wrist band. And after we watched the power point on people wearing bright clothes we played a game, And the game was about looking to see if the people that where crossing the road where wearing bright clothes.

By your JRSOs Aaliyah and Jessica



Walk to Dows woods

Yesterday we were at Dow’s woods. Mr and Mrs Carter came in so we could go down to look at insects.

He told us what three ways a seed can spread. The first way is when the wind carry’s it away like the rose berry willow herb. The second way is an animal a squirrel can eat a seed and poop it out or burry and forget about it. The last way it pops like the gorse bush. In the spring they have yellow flowers and they smell like coconuts, they have black seeds pods that pop open and spread the seeds.

One thing that I really liked was when I saw a caterpillar not just any caterpillar a fuzzy one that looked like it had two eyes on its side but it did not. I found it on a leaf and I scooped it into my tub I did not name it, I released it when we were going to go back to school.

The second thing I found interesting was when we caught a lot of baby toads and we caught a frog at one point, I got to hold one of the baby toads remember to wet your hands first! I let it go and hop it went into the grass!

I really liked looking at all the bug like the spiders, butterflies and the ladybugs. I also really loved seeing the trees my favourite tree we saw was the beech because I like the way the seeds looked.

In conclusion I really liked Dows woods because I like looking at the bugs and nature. I love getting closeups of the insects I think they are interesting. We saw hundreds of mushrooms my favourite one was the Fly Agaric toadstool.

The snail eggs

Today we found eggs out in our playground. at 8:54 before the bell went me and my friend were looking for robins but we were also looking for bugs we moved something and we found eggs. I thought they were seeds but my friend said NO THEY ARE NOT SEEDS THEY ARE EGGS!!!!!

So we got the teacher or playground helper. She came to lift the eggs up and move them into a net then we brought them into class to show our teacher then we searched up to see what eggs they where. I thought they were slug eggs and I was right they are slug or snail eggs they will hatch in two to four weeks. We put the eggs in a container so we can get a magnifying glass to look at them they are really see through we can’t find the mother yet.
Aaliyah and Emily

Our Den

Our den!

In side our den we have 2 pallets and 2 sticks a cover for the floor a box for the sign a bench to keep it up. We have to seats a pillow a little hidden we are going to put a cover for our hidden bit. We have a bin and a treasure spot we want to extend it we have friends helping us at the building.
– Aaliyah

Outside our den we have 1 pallet and a bench holding it up. Then we have a pallet at the back of our den witch is holding it up the we put some covers over it and put some sticks inside.
– Emily
We will be looking forward to what we will do soon!


BIG BBC bird watch

Last week we went on the Big BBC Schools birdwatch with Mr Carter and Mrs Carter.

First we saw a house sparrow that was eating bird food in our playground. they was three there,  we got 23 at the end of our long walk.
Next we saw jackdaws they were a black bird with a slightly grey Neck. We saw 77 jackdaws at the end.
We saw a buzzard in the distance by Mill Pond.

And we put the birds that we got on the BBC big Schools birdwatch page. We had lots of fun doing it.
And we will continue everyday to feed the birds.


We have started collection information about the birds we see in the playground and around Banton: Banton Birds.


On Tuesday the whole school went out to celebrate  Banton’s 50th anniversary we did it by getting the toys they used back in the olden days.

We were outside doing this because there is not enough room inside we used conkers, skipping ropes, Chinese ropes and marbles.

Chinese ropes are made out of a chain of rubber bands. You need at least three people. Two people facing each other one doing a dance. I can give you a little song for it Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales inside outside monkeys tales.

Marbles you draw a circle in the middle and you shoot to the marble in the middle there will be a marble that you can hit if you get it out its now you marble.

Conkers  you can get them from a chestnut  tree and the good thing is THEY ARE FREE.

After lunch we had A 50th BIRTHDAY CAKE but the bad thing was that we got it the next day but it was good the cake everyone got a bit and that was our lovely day.







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