Cheerleading and hip hop dancing

As part of health week somebody came in to do hip hop dancing and cheerleading.

When we did the cheerleading we went into three lines and then we went into a pinball shape. We did some cool shapes and tricks and we got to use the Pom poms as we moved we had to shake them. When we did everything together it looked very cool.

We also did hip hop dancing for the rest of the time that was also fun. There was some cool tricks we had to do with our hands it was a bit tricky but fun.

Everybody enjoyed doing the dancing and cheerleading.

Rugby festival

Today we went to the rugby festival at st Patrick’s primary school. There was lots of schools there like chapel green, Banton primary, st Patrick’s and more.

Firstly we got split into Banton 1 and Banton 2 we were only allowed seven people in each team so some people had to be back up people. The field that we were playing on was so much bigger than we were used to. Both teams had 2 rounds so we had 4 games between us. We went up against other schools and had lots of fun and I think we did very well scoring tries.


For the last couple of weeks on a Monday we have been getting rugby a rugby coach has been coming in to do it with us.

When we first started everyone was dropping the ball and couldn’t catch it. Now we can do a full game of touch rugby it did take a lot of practise but now everyone understands the rules. Sometimes we play a game where we get split into teams and the first team to get 7 passes without dropping it wins. During that the other team try’s to get the ball whilst it’s in the air. It is so different from what we started like and what we are like now.


Abacus maths- Zara and Emma

We learned how to multiply on an abacus with 1 and 2 digit numbers. We watched a video online and practised until we figured out how to do it. After we told the class how to do it then we went round some maths groups. Then planned our own video explaining how to multiply with 1 and 2 digit numbers.


Scottish day

On Thursday in class we were doing lots of Scottish things and the parent came in and watched us do them and even got to join in if they wanted to.
There were 4 different groups all doing Scottish things.

One group was doing a poem called Scotland small it about although Scotland may be small it’s got so many nice plants in it and they had to find out facts about the plant and then draw it and put it on the Banton biggies they are all there.

Scotland Small?

Another group was doing an animation on the poem blaeberry mou it’s about kids eating blae berry’s and they have blue all around the face.

Blaeberry Mou

Another group was doing posters on deer out of the poem my hearts in the highlands and ther is 2 different types of deer there is red deer and roe deer.

The last group was doing painting they were painting W Scottish mountains using a wash.

Halloween party

On Friday the 27th of October Banton Primary had a Halloween party. At lunchtime most people went home and got ready. By the time everyone arrived we started the party with a parade everyone was all dressed differently. 

Firstly we played monster freeze. Some people were really good a staying still and the teacher scared you and tried to make you move. Aaron won monster freeze. Then we played pass the pumpkin primary 1 and 2 were a group primary 3 and 4 were a group and 5 and 6 and 7 were a group we had to pass the pumpkin and if it landed on you you were out and the last person won.

After playing some games we needed some juice and something to eat so we went and grabbed stuff and sat down for a bit during that time some people had photos taking. The photos had a frame round the people inside the frame. After our food and drinks.

Then got food and had a karaoke. We also got told who won prizes. Max won it for the best karaoke singer. Rhea won a prize for the most beautiful witch. Islay won it for the most cheeky outfit. Caelen won it for the class topic one because he was the gruffallo. Grace won it for the best homemade costume she was a mouse in a mouse trap.

We played wrap the mummy so we got put into six different groups we got 4 toilet rolls and wrapped the people so they looked like mummy’s the 4th group won the game but they deserved it. It was really funny and messy. 

The party was really fun and everyone enjoyed it. We all went home with a smile on our faces.



By Zara and Emma 😀⭐️🦄


Walk down Dows wood

Last Wednesday the biggies went a walk down dows woods. It was quite a nice day. We saw lots of different things. On the way To the woods we saw ash trees with helicopters people were throwing them about. We then got down to the start of the woods there was loads of squishy mud. It was quite dark at some points because of all the trees were above us

We walked down a bit further there was some fire weed I got a picture of a bee on one of them. As we were walking people were picking up brambles and leaves. We found a rainbow leaf. Whatever group got the most leaves got group points. We then saw 2 butterflies they were a red admiral and a peacock. Mr Johnston got a really good photo of them.

We then had to turn back because we didn’t know how long it would take and we didn’t have much time left. On the grass we found a road it was so small. We then kept going and we eventually got back to the start and we went back to the school and saw the things we collected. We looked at the pictures we took some of them were really nice. We had had a great walk and then we had to get lunch.

Bottle rocket

When the primary sevens where away we made bottle rockets. We got all of the things we needed. We needed a bottle something to make the wings out of, a cone ,a pump, water and a cork.

We got the bottle and glue gunned the wings to it so that it will go higher. We then got a bit of paper and cut a circle and made a cut into the middle and made it into a cone. And we stuck it on the bottom we the decorated it a little. We then made stand for it we had a cup and cut a hole in it and pushed the pump through we then had to put some marbles to weigh it down.

We then took it outside and before we filled it with 500 ml of water then put a cork with a hole in it in the bottle and then we attached the pump to it. You have to pump it quick and fast and then it shoots up to the sky.


Bottle rocket

When the primary 7s were away the 6s made a bottle rocket it worked pretty well. We brung in a bottle each but we ended up doing the one we got all the materials we needed then started.

We needed a 2l bottle, a cone out of card, a strong material for the rocket wings, a cork and a pump. We used a glue gun and stuck the wings on the bottle we cut a circle out of card then put a cut into the middle. We used duck tape and used seletape. To stick the cone into the bottle of the bottle and checked it was the right size. Both of us had to make something to keep it standing so we used a full tub of marbles into the cup. We put a hole onto the cork so it was the right fitting for the pump. One of us hooded the rocket and the other one of us put 500ml of water Into the bottle.

Then we took it outside and took a few attempts it worked but every time Mr. Johnston had done it it went higher and higher the last time when the primary 2-5 came out.


Banton VS Chapelgreen sports day

Banton vs Chapelgreen sports day. Today we had our joint sports day with Chapelgreen. We got put in to groups and we had to do different sports. There was an obstacle course, javelin, really, and dribbling that’s the 4 we had before playtime after playtime we did another 4 it was sack race, beanback throw, and a skipping race over all the winners of Banton was Bolt and Alex, Ava, me, Jack, Emily, Max, Lara Barrie and Rhea were in that group the winners were Chapelgreen.