Outdoor learning Day November 2022

On Wednesday the Biggies had one of our outdoor learning days. We started with a treasure hunt to find words to treasure. We will share some of the words later on.

Then we worked on some measure for maths. We were measuring some of the pallets, tarps and other things we use for den building.

Finally we split into teams and built some dens. We ere working on our playing, leadership, communication, problem solving and practical skills.

A few days ago we as a class went out side and practiced using adjectives, nouns and verbs and how we did that was we described autumn on coloured paper basically to make a short poem.
For maths we done measuring and how we that was we brought out all of the different things in the shed and got partners to measure them in meter and centimetres.


Yesterday it was our outdoor day. We stared the day off by doing some literacy, at literacy we we got some pieces of paper, the thing on the front would show what ever we see that is in that category, adjective, noun or verb. Wwe would write on the back. A the end we made leaf drawings. put those word in it.
Then for maths we had gathered all the Palettes and tarps, we went in groups and we had to measure those items. after lunch we used all of those Items to make a den and the den which was the best won.


On Wednesday it was an out door leaning day and when we were doing maths we put out the pallets, planks and tadpoles we measured them and took a photo to show the measurements of the pallets, plank and tarpaulins. Alex

Scale Model Dens

The Biggies are great den builder at playtime. In this wee project we made scale models of dens by making scale models of the pallets, tarps and pipes in the playground. We measured all of these in the playground, scaled the size down and made mini pallets, pipes and tarps. We used these to make model dens. I’ve added some quotes from the biggies e-Portfolios below.

Last week we went outside in groups of 3 to go to measure the width and length of all the palettes, tarpaulins and crates outside.
Our teacher put all the measurements in a app called numbers then made it move all the numbers up by 100 to change metres to centimetres then divided them all by 10 to scale them so we can make our tiny dens.
After doing all the calculations we measured it out into small pieces of cardboard then put shapes on the cardboard to make them look like pallets. Then we stuck the cardboard together, then measured the tarps to make a roof. quickly we made a flag out of spare parts to finish up our den and that’s how we built our den.

Heather p6

I have learned how to scale things into scaled models. I measured meters and centimetres outside whilst I was measuring pallets, crates, pipes and tarpaulins.

Charlie p4

We put a bit to much glue. we made a little up stairs. it kept falling.
How we solved those problems
The glue made it a bit slippery even though it is supposed to stick but we worked with it and we started making supports.
We connected pieces to their one corner we were using. it went pretty well at first then we had to make a stair case. That did not go well. we started making supports. We made it a bit longer. We made a slide

Josh p4

Once we had planned out our scaled down model we started to make the palettes out of cardboard. We took a set square to try and make the right angles of the palettes. Then once we had made all of our pallets and made shore they all had a right angle, we need to assemble the den, we could have used a lot of glue, but we tried to use as little as possible, so we cut slots into the cardboard and slotted them together to make shore they would stand.

When we where making this scaled down model the skills we used were Creative thinking, problem solving, planing and organisations, communicating, leadership, Literacy, working with others, ICT, numeracy and practical skills.

Jess P7

Skills I used I used my Communication skills to talk to my group and my numeracy skills to measure. And we used our problem solving skills when we didn’t put a enough glue no the middle of the den. We solved this by putting more glue on.

Ben p5

My group face some problem like the up stairs kept falling down so we kept holding it down and count to twenty, to let the glue set. Also we were drawing right angles we used a set square to help us.

Alice p5

Personally I think we did brilliant because at first we where measuring pallets in meters to having this amazing den.

Jonah p6

We made models of dens. We went out side and measured the tarpaulins , pallets and crates. I learned to measure In metres and centimetres.
Then we came inside and typed the measurements up on numbers. We moved the measurements up to 100 to turn into centimetres and Divided them by ten. That would scale the sizes down.

Kirsty p5

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