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Glow blogs also allow you to embed media from other sites, for example YouTube or Vimeo.  Embedding now works in widgets in the same way as it works in post and pages.

Some of the embeds are built in to WordPress, some are provided by the Jetpack plugin, some are Glow Blog specific and some use other plugins! We have a whole blog full of examples & details.

The Jetpack Plugin extends the list of sites that can embed via short codes: more details: Shortcode – Jetpack this includes: Blip.tv, Flickr, Googlemaps, Instagram, scribd, Ted Talk, Twitter.

To embed a YouTube video you just need to copy the url to the video and paste into its on line in the post editor.

Vimeo and other content works similarly.

We have also developed the embed of Glow O365 video, Scratch projects, ClickView video, Yammer groups, O365 forms, Office Mix, Stream  and Microsoft sways in a similar manner.

With O365 video you just paste the URL for the video page into the past or page editor.

You need to extract the URL from the ClickView iFrame code, not use the whole code or the video page URL.

For Sway, as for youtube you just use the URL for the sway page:

Please Note, for sway use the URL from the browser not the share one unless you remove ?ref=Link&loc=play from the link.


Apple Keynotes that are stored on iCloud can be embeded by sharing and pasting the link in. You can make Keynotes publicly available. Example Keynote

O365 forms, Office Mix, Stream All use the URL to embed on Glow Blogs rather than the iFrame embed code.

Google Calendar Embeds are provided by the Google Calendar Embed plugin. This can embed a calendar on a post, page or in a widget, see the linked page for examples and details of how to use the plugin.

Other google documents can be embedded too:

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