Sway Embed Example

Note as of January 2024 there is a problem with embedding Sways. the link you copy now will be in the format: https://sway.cloud.microsoft/WR42BzNQhsCisIAW

which has changed from the old format: https://sway.com/WR42BzNQhsCisIAW

The new url does not work in Glow Blogs. Our developers are looking at the issue.

As a workaround you can just edit the link to use sway.com as opposed to sway.cloud.microsoft.

To embed a sway you just need to paste in the url to the sway:

screenshot of sway url,

It is best to copy the URL of the sway from the browser.

If you copy the share link it will not work unless you trim the parameters from the url.

Sway share link, don't use this, use one from browser

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