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Mud, mud, glorious mud!

What a perfect day for some cooking in the mud kitchen. Rain never dampens the children’s spirit at Cart Mill. The girls thought it was the ideal day to go for a walk down our river before measuring out and weighing the water and mud.

The pond is very deep today.
The water is up to my knees!
Going for a river walk.
It’s delicious!
Who would like some soup?

It needs to be just right!
Measuring the ingredients…

the mud for their homemade mud soup!

Forest School Week 6

The theme this week has most definitely been MUD!  The children were so excited about making mud slides and getting completely muddy and they had a ball – staff did too!

The Tuesday group played with mud, made patterns in the mud and of course created a mud slide.

It was nice to watch the water as it was moving fast and a bit noisier than usual due to the rain.

The Wednesday group explored a new site as we felt the river was just too strong and high to go to our usual site and it was still raining.

The children negotiated a new hill and we set up the tarpolin to keep our bags and gear dry.


Stephanie got ready for us to use our tools to make tree cookies and she gave the children a safety drill.

It proved to be too wet to use the tools safely so we decided to try again next week if it’s drier.  We had our lunch and hot chocolate and because the rain was still falling we decided to start making our way back to the centre earlier than usual.

The children have loved to roll down the hills as we talked about in a previous post but with the grass being wet a mud slide formed easily.  It was mudtastic!

The Thursday group had experienced the children coming back from the forest covered in mud the previous day and wanted to try the mud slide out too – who wouldn’t want a go on this slide?

This week the children taught us, the adults,  that we should never stop having fun and we didn’t!

Mud glorious mud!

The children had a ball today in the forest mostly due to the mud that has been created at our site because of the recent rainfall.


It was great fun going up the slope with the help of a rope and then sliding down.  Stephanie enjoyed it too!

The children displayed great teamwork as they helped each other to get up the slippy slide.

Val managed to get down the slope without getting muddy – well done!

Forest School

Forest School started this week and you will see from the pictures above that we all had  a great time. The main focus this week for the children has been exploring and setting safe boundaries, climbing trees, playing on the bouncy branch and comparing sizes with sticks.

We have a mud slide too. Forest School takes place every Wednesday and Thursday morning. There is a rolling programme in place to ensure we can offer this experience to the majority of children.

A note on midges:

Please note that midges are still very much out in force. You may see evidence of this when your child returns from the forest. They appear as small red spots, which will normally disappear overnight. If you are concerned about this, you could try an insect repellant.


Problem Solving in the Mud

Our children love to play in the mud and that’s where the problem begins.  The children noticed right away that the puddles in the garden had got bigger in just one day and they knew this was because it had been raining,

They were troubled  that the puddle was so deep it meant that the muddy water was rising above the top of their wellies – this was a problem!

The children worked it out for themselves that if they started to lift some of the muddy water out then the puddle level would decrease and they would not have to worry about it reaching over their wellies.

Much to everyone’s delight with teamwork they worked it out and the mud play continued. Mud glorious mud!

Den Building and puddles…

Today due to the very wet weather the children asked Zoe to help them rebuild their den. They wanted to have their snack outside in the family centre garden.

The children helped to put the blue waterproof sheet on the top to make the roof. Zoe and the children discussed how they would be able to keep the roof on. Hallie thought that the roof could be tied on. Good Idea!

So the roof was tied then stapled to the posts, just to make sure it stayed on.

Just enough time to have a splash in the puddles before snack.