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Number Games in the Garden!

Today in the garden the children were playing games using chalk, hoops and bean bags! The children helped to number a hop scotch grid using chalk  and then had great fun playing on it.
“I jumped on 2 and 3!”         “I can hop and jump to 10!”

The children were trying to balance bean bags on their heads whilst moving around the garden.

“I can run fast with mine!”          “I’m walking slow with mine!”

The children thought it would be fun to try hop scotch with the bean bags on their heads. They demonstrated really good balance whilst hopping and jumping!

The children thought up a good game to play with the bean bags and hoops! They numbered inside the hoops with chalk and earned points for throwing the bean bags into the hoops! When it got too easy they moved further away from the hoops!

What a great game! We had really good fun in the garden today!