Book Bug fun!

The children in the 3-5 room have been engaged in different rhyming experiences this week, and have shown an interest in a variety of rhyming nursery songs and story books too. We have been talking about words that “sound the same at the end” and what that means. We have had lots of fun games like “find the rhyme”. Maybe you could play something like this at home! Start by finding an object, and try to find a word that sounds the same at the end (or rhymes). Some examples we had in nursery were “sock” and “rock” or “spoon” and “moon”. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want 🙂

We have been enjoying our rhyming and singing nursery rhymes so much that Book Bug even came for a visit to hear it!! We look forward to hearing what rhyming objects you can find over the weekend 🙂

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