This is a project that should take you a few days. It would be great if everyone tried it.

Think of one thing that you have been doing over the last few weeks and make a ‘movie’ about it. You could use iMovie or Clips. aim for about 1 minute long. Try to think about how what you are talking about has affected or helped you.

There are many ways to do this, this is what I did or am going to do (I’ve not finished yet):

  1. Gather some images to tell my story,.
  2. Though about the order I want to tell them.
  3. Pulled the images into iMovie
  4. Add titles
  5. Add a voice over
  6. Add transitions
  7. Add audio (recorded and music)

After you finish export it at the smallest size (medium if you use iMovie) and upload it to your blog. If it is too big for you blog them upload it to Teams and I’ll make a smaller version for you.

I’ll put my example here or in Teams once it is finished.


NHS Topic

This NHS topic is from North Lanarkshire. You could work on this over the next few weeks. Try to organise the work you do. You could make a folder or put it on your e-Portfolio and make a NHS category. There are some Social Science tasks, Health & Wellbeing ones and some Expressive Arts.

Let me know in Teams or by posting to your e-portfolio about any progress you are making.




Read a book, Explore a word | ReadTheory |  Spelling

If you need a book you can go to Free eBook library | Oxford Owl I have emailed you and your parents the class password.

Share a Book

I’d still love to see this, not many folk did it (or shared it if they did) last week.

Choose a book you have read during lockdown and tell us about it. Think of an interesting way to do this. You could make a comic, record your voice, create a presentation, make a movie or even write about it.

Don’t just try and do this quickly, take your time and make a really good job of it. Start one day, look at what you have done the next and see if you can make it better.

Yellow & Blue Group

Boss Dog on Oxford Owl (remember your class login)

Green & Read Group

Here is a worksheet with several task to work on a novel of your own choosing. You might like to try the Self Assessment too.


This week we will look at a Documentary

Planet Earth Mother Polar Bear and Cubs | Film Class

Watch the clip and answer the questions. We will discuss some of the questions in one of the meets this week. Watch the clip first!

You could look at one set of questions every day, Camera on Monday, Colour on Tuesday and so on.

Take on set of question and carefully write out your answer for your e-Portfolio

Add those to your e-Portfolio.


There is a good video about Understanding similes and metaphors on the BBC along with some activities. Give them a go.

Creative Writing Idea

Here is a nice one:


Creative Writing Lesson 5:

Wee delay in this series (apologies!) this activity helps you create a bank of words that you can use to make your writing exciting and intriguing for the reader when using speech marks.

Time: 30 mins
Equipment: Pencil, Paper

Embedded video

See LittleLessons’s other Tweets





Worksheets, please copy these onto a piece of paper and complete. Take a photo (make it neat and send to me by e-mail or teams).



Octagons & Hexagons

Research how different civilisations throughout history have recorded numbers. Create a booklet, poster or Powerpoint to show what you have learned. Explain this to an adult in your house. Can you answer any questions they have?

Some suggestions for you to research –

  • Romans
  • Babylonians
  • Tally Marks
  • Ancient Egyptians
Pentagons, Squares & Triangles

Research a famous mathematician. There are some suggestions below. Find out what area of maths they studied and the impact that this had on the world. You can choose how to present your information. You can make a fact file, an information booklet, a PowerPoint etc.

  • Isaac Newton
  • Albert Einstein
  • Pythagoras
  • Archimedes
  • Hypatia
  • John Horton Conway

There are still lots of Art Ideas that have not been completed, why not have a look and try some out.

The Biggies Art gallery has not had new art for quite a while now. Lets try and make up for that. Click here to add some Art, remember to add your Images as a Featured Image and use the the Project Type: Art.



Make a video or write a set of instruction to teach me how to do something in Minecraft. Remember you can record your screen on your iPad and bring it into iMovie or clips to edit.

Or explain what you have been doing and how you did it.


Try some of the Scratch Ideas

Author: John Johnston

Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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