Planet Earth Mother Polar Bear and Cubs


  • The camera movement shows various angles and setting of the sun rising. Why do you think the filmmaker does this?
  • As the cubs travel on the slope, the camera uses close ups and establishing shots. Why do you think it does this? Is it effective?

  • Describe the colours you can see throughout the clip
    How do they make you feel?
  • Look at the colours used at the beginning of the clip and compare these with the rest of the clip. Is there any contrast?

  • The polar bear begins to stir as the narrator tells us it is now Spring time. What do you think the polar bear has been doing?
  • Do you know of any other animals that do this too?
  • How do you think the cubs would feel experiencing this for the first time.? Can you think of any potential dangers that they may face?

  • Do you think the soundtrack at the beginning matches what it happening? How w
  • As the cubs take their fist steps, listen to the soundtrack. Do you think it
  • There is a narration over the clip. Do you think he narrates the clip well? H
  • Listen for any new or unfamiliar vocabulary and try to find out what it means

  • Why do you think the filmmaker has chosen to film and promote this particular clip?
  • Does this clip help raise awareness of anything that is happening in our world today?
  • Think about the story being told in the clip. Who do you think the intended audience were?

  • Where do you think the clip is taking place?
  • Do you recognise the setting from anything you have seen before?
  • Why do you think the filmmaker chose to film in this particular setting?

The population of polar bears is decreasing. Create your own 2 minute movie about polar bears and what we can do to raise awareness of everything we could do to help prevent this.