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117 thoughts on “Welcome to Glow Blog Help”

  1. I have been asked about e-portfolios using the new Blogs. Who can I contact regarding the use of eportfolio and Glow, is it just the same or have there been enhancements. I presume there may be changes with the new word press and other blogging tools.

    I may add I am unfamiliar in the use of e-portfolios, but as ASM for East Ayrshire I need to find out.

    1. Hi David,
      The e-portfolios should just be the same except for the changes to WordPress and the changes in setup to the blogs that came back in October. I’l follow this up via email.

      1. Hi John,

        You helped me set up my blog and I’ve changed authority and email address etc and now can only access my blog through my previous authority’s glow list. How do I transfer it over to my new address?



        1. Hi Leonie,
          I presume your glow username has not changed. Can you log onto the blog?
          If you can and you want to move your blog to your new LA you can export it for the original blog and then import to a new one.
          If you cannot log onto the blog and your username has not changed you should be able to get access if your Glow Admin activates the Orkney Blog tile. you can then do the export/import.
          If your username has changed we can move the blog for you and giver you access to the new one. We are also able to do this if the above steps seem a bit confusing or difficult. I will drop you an email.

          There is help on export and import here:

  2. I have set my class blog to be accessible to those logged into Glow but it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere and there is no search function. Could you advise me where I might be going wrong?

    1. Hi,
      You need to share the link. The blog is listed in your My Sites Area.
      The home page of each LA shows the latest updated ‘public blog’ not private or glow only.
      The glow only can be thought of as an extension of private blogs with a large membership.

      You might want to consider a public blog for a class as it can give a world wide audience.

  3. I’m helping a school set up a GLOW blog. As such, I have added 47 pupil users, so they can post to the blog about their homework and the work they do with parents.

    After adding the users through entering their usernames, and setting roel to Author, they all show as PENDING – when doing the same with a staff/ teacher account, this does not happen.

    How do I move these pupils from PENDING to being live users of the Blog?

    1. Hi Gordon,
      When the pupils have logged onto glow and the blog.
      We do not pre-provision accounts on the system. I presume that the teachers already have a role on the blogs.

      Please let me know if there are any problems.

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