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Visiting our neighbours at Williamwood High School and Bonnyton House

Today has been a busy day for us as we have been out and about visiting our friends in the community and showing off our Easter Hats. The lovely ladies who work in the kitchen were very impressed with the designs on the children’s hats and were delighted to see us.

Michael’s sheep hat was a big hit!

Easter Parade

In the afternoon we walked over to see our friends at Bonnyton House.  We haven’t seen them for a little while so it was nice to catch up and show off our hats to them too.

We sang some Easter Songs, and the ladies and gentlemen were clapping their hands and singing along with us.

Christmas is for giving

We want our children to celebrate Christmas with lots of fun, wonder and awe. We also want them to learn about the traditions at Christmas and giving presents is one of them.


But first the children had to make some gifts and it was decided that tree decorations would be best.  Jillian had made salt dough decorations before so she helped the children to make the dough.




dsc06359 dsc06361

The dough was made  into shapes – trees, stars, gingerbread people and hand prints.  Then it went into the oven and baked for a couple of hours until… “it’s as hard as a rock”  said Mhairi.

Time to decorate!










We added some ribbon and a label and got ready to gift our decorations to the local community.  The children started with our neighbours in Newford Grove.



Unfortunately most of the neighbours were not at home but we left a decoration on their door handle for them to find later on.







Next we were off to visit Williamwood High School.  We sang for the ladies in the office and gifted them decorations for their big tree.

dsc06535 dsc06538 dsc06539

Tomorrow we will be visiting Bonnyton House and maybe the pet shop in Clarkston.


Works of Art

We like to visit our friends at Williamwood High and they always make us feel very welcome. The other day we walked through the school to go to the outdoor track. We saw lots of beautiful artwork on the wall. We wanted to go back and see it and spend more time looking at the pictures the older children had created.

Tommy wondered if we would be able to create our own pictures.


We liked being able to work on the floor, it gave us lots of room to move and be creative.




Later we liked sitting at the big tables that the big boys and girls use in Williamwood High.

Relay Races

Today we took a visit to the running track and practised doing some races. As the Olympics are coming up we thought we could try out some of the sports involved in the games which will give the children an understanding of what the Olympics is all about. We started with some relay races, which the children loved and by the end of the session the children understood the rules of the game.





Happy Summer Everyone!


We wish all of our awesome children going off to school, stopping for the summer holidays or continuing with us, an exciting summer of fun.  We will see all of our returning children on Monday 15th August and we will be thinking about the first day of school for our children going off to Carolside, Kirkhill, Netherlee, Our Lady of the Missions and Saint Joseph’s.

Our cluster newsletter is attached below for you to read about the highlights of the last year in the Williamwood Cluster.


We hope  all our children, parents and families have a lovely summer and thank you for a fabulous first year at Cart Mill Family Centre.