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Fiona and the Beanstalk

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine!
I have loved reading our blogs this week and seeing what my friends from Cart Mill have been doing, what a lovely surprise to see Camembear too! I thought I would finish this week by showing you what has been happening to the seeds I planted a few weeks ago.
Althought it’s been lovely and sunny outside, it’s still a little cold and windy, so my seeds have been keeping cozy and warm on the windowsills around my house. Seeds need lots of looking after when they are beginning to grow, so I’ve been making sure to check on them everyday. Just like us, seeds also need water to keep them healthy, so I’ve been giving them a little everyday.

As you can see, lots of my seeds have started to grow! Their shoots are reaching out of the soil and it looks like they’re trying to touch the sunshine! Some of the seeds are growing so big that they need a little more space, just like we do when we’re growing big and strong. I very carefully took the strongest plants and moved them to a bigger pot which will help them spread their roots and grow bigger and stronger. I made sure to tuck them in safely with a little more soil and gave them a drink of water as they must be thirsty with all that growing!

Can you see the long bits at the bottom of the plant that looks like string? These are called the roots. The plant uses it’s roots to pick up all the water and food it needs from the soil to help it grow. We have to be very careful not to break the roots or our plants wouldn’t be able to have anything to eat or drink and wouldn’t grow.

My lovely flowers are starting to grow too! I can’t wait to see what colours they are!

I’ve saved my favourite for last, my beanstalks! Just look how big and strong they have grown! If you look carefully, you can see the big strong roots growing down the side which means the beanstalks have had lots of food and drink which have helped make them so tall and strong.

I wonder if my beanstalk will grow any magic beans just like Jack had? I hope there isn’t a giant at the top! I haven’t found a hen yet, thankfully, but I have been eating lots of golden chocolate eggs!
Spring is my favourite time of year and although this year is full of uncertainty, it’s lovely to see new life and colour growing all around us and it’s definitely bringing my family a little hope and happiness.

Missing you all and hoping our Cart Mill family can help Val and I plant our vegetables and flowers and bring some happiness back to our Cart Mill garden soon. Take care and stay safe.

Love Fiona xx

Spring time on the farm 🐥

The first spring lamb Larry.

Hi I hope you are all well and enjoyed Easter.  I miss seeing you all at Cart Mill family centre. I can’t wait to be back there with you all.

This is Eggward he is a Polish bantam.

As some of you may know I’m fortunate enough to live on a farm. Spring time is an extremely busy exciting time for us as lots of baby animals are born. I thought I would share some pictures of what myself and my family have been doing during these strange historic times. Hopefully they will make you smile.

This is a little welsummer chick.

The little chicks come out of the incubator after they have hatched and are placed under the heat lamp to keep them warm.
This miniature Shetland pony is the newest edition at just two days old. Can you think of a nice name for her?

This is a Texel Ewe with her lamb.
This is a Kerry Hill lamb and ewe.


We have had plenty to do on the farm. Rae collects the eggs for our lunch. We have a few different types of chickens . The duck is George he is a silver Appleyard. In the background you can see the guineafowl, I will post a better picture of them next time.
Lots of our miniature Shetland pony’s are due to foal in April. We keep a close eye on them to make sure they are healthy. Our fields are quite spread out and I’m a bit lazy so we use quad bikes to check on the pony’s.
Here Rae is helping to dig a hole to let the water away. He is in a mini digger.

Spring is coming!

The toddlers were really busy learning about how a seed can grow into a beautiful flower. We listened to a story about growing plants and flowers and wanted to make our own.

We filled some pots with compost and added some seeds.






We watered the seeds in the pot to help them grow and sat them by the window for some sunlight.

We will be looking after our plants by watering them and hopefully repotting them in April when we will add them into the greenhouse in the big garden.