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Super Soup!

Our Cart Mill children have been thoroughly enjoying our new lunch regime. We are very excited about our new lunch menu and we have been tasting lots of delicious  new foods.

One our favourites is Stephanie’s super lentil soup. It is so yummy!

Pouring our own water helps us develop our measuring skills  and promotes independence . We are very careful not to spill any! We are also very good at turn taking and passing the jug carefully around the table.

Sitting around the table together helps us develop our language and communication skills. We love to discuss what foods keep us healthy and can recognise and name our favourite fruit and vegetables and discuss our likes and dislikes!

“I like cucumber, do you want some?”
”I like the red pepper, I don’t like the green”

We also further developed our fine motor skills by using the tongs to select our own crudités.

We love to help tidy up and practise resetting our table for our friends to have their lunch!

“We need to clean the table. Then we need a bowl and spoon for our soup”

“I’ll put the water and vegetable tray out”

Our super soup got a big thumbs up today!

“I’m finished. It was so yummy!”