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Ice and Antartica


Over the last 2 mornings in the garden , the children have discovered ice on the ground and in puddles. They have been exploring how it looks and feels. Ice and snow provide excellent provocations for learning as the children are intrigued by how it forms and how it melts and how cold it feels next to their skin.

Experiences like this offer opportunities to explore many different lines of development. Stephanie and the children talked about how some people live in very cold countries and the children learned about Antartica.

As we have been using our firepit there was a lot of chat about how people keep warm in cold climates.





Number Line

Today the boys and girls were learning about number. They were exploring the numbers 0-10, talking about how the number 0 is the first number and how we can sometimes forget that one!

Using our bodies to move along the number line, we started at 0 and then jumped. The challenge was to see what number we could land on. some children can  jump to number 5! Some children started jumping and sliding to see if they could reach number 10 that way.

Bradley said “I had fun jumping to 4”.


Button’s Big Adventure

Lizzie Finnigan, a local author and a parent here at Cart Mill Family Centre visited us today to share her new book ‘Button’s Big Adventure’..

The interactive story telling session was enjoyed by all staff, children and other visiting parents.

Lizzie talked to the children about the front cover and the pictures inside the book. The children very quickly were able to share what they thought the story would be about. Ash said the story was about a little button that went on a big adventure.

The story is filled with word patterns and the children really enjoyed joining in and repeating the pattern.

“I went twirling and whirling up and down and round before I was found…”

The children recalled some of the story and Lewis remembered the kite and the girl with the daffodil coat. The children enjoyed the discussion about their favourite parts in the book; most children chose the mermaid. To finish off Lizzie demonstrated a dance to go with the repeated pattern of words in the story.  The children copied the dance while listening to the story.

The children then chose a yellow button to add to the picture of their favourite part that they got to decorate.



Sensory Autumn Playdough

We used natural resources for sorting, feeling, smelling and categorising. We talked about textures and we made a beautiful sun catcher with autumn leaves. Cameron said “my leaf is very soft, my leaf is very green”.

Jade noticed “my leaf is very hard and crispy, my leaf is nice and yellow, lots of brown spots” “the acorn is really rough”.

Matthew said “the leaf I had was very jaggy, it’s really soft and shiny, it’s got lots of lines and its dark green, another leaf is red and crunchy”.

Vanessa said “my leaf is yellow and it’s very hard and sounds crunchy”.

Gia said “my leaf is nice and yellow, its nice and soft, and got pointed edges”.


The Smartest Giant in Town

The children have been interested in listening to the story “The Smartest Giant in Town” this week. To extend and deepen their interest Clare gathered the items that the giant wore for the children to explore. The children discussed feelings and how being kind and helpful is a nice thing to do, even in nursery. Aine said if she saw someone upset in nursewry she would ask them “What’s the matter?” She also said the book was about “a giant who helps sad animals”. James thought giants ate people however, he said the giant in the story wouldn’t as he cheered the animals up. Each child recalled an animal that the giant helped in the story and they were able to select the item that was given to them to make things better.

Pippa recalled that the dog got a belt to put across the mud. When we discussed the mice using his shoe as a house, Amber said she couldn’t live in it as it was quite small. Some of the children have had fun dressing up as the giant and laughed as they tried to walk in the big boots and socks.

Sand and Water

Today the children were helping to look after themselves and their environment. Lucia showed the new boys and girls how to wash their hands before and after they have snack. Lucia also demonstrated how to wash up after snack has been eaten.

The children also enjoyed washing the babies in the warm soapy water…the sponges were great fun.

We then decided to make sand towers. The children used cups and spoons to add the sand. Then Ines got his wellies to make footprints in the sand. Great fun!

Everyone washed their hands once they had finished playing.


Outdoors at Cart Mill

The children had lots of fun exploring the outdoor environment today.

The children made choices about the experiences and resources they would like to play with. Some children loaded the wooden trucks with bricks and blocks. Mark said, “it’s going to the building site” Abby then said, “the three little pigs built a house with bricks”

Another group of children decided to take turns on the bikes and scooters. They practiced manoeuvring around obstacles without bumping into them. Clare used chalk to draw arrows that would remind the children of which direction to travel. Damon asked Clare if she was drawing arrows to show the boys and girls the way.

Other children decided to play What’s the time Mr. Wolf? Great fun today!


The Three Little Pigs

This week Kaile asked for puppets in the drama area to do “the piggies and a big bad wolf”.

The children listened to the story throughout the first day to familiarise themselves with it. We spoke about the characters being in a book and the children recalled the characters in the Three Little Pigs and drew images of them.

Today the children gathered the props to act out the story. This enabled the children to explore how they can use their voices and express themselves through drama.

Pippa told us that they used bricks “cos he can blow both the others down but can’t do the bricks”

The children transferred their learning into the block area and built houses for the pigs.


A day of building bridges…

Today, Kaile built the Forth Bridge and also Tower Bridge London.


Some friends joined in and shared their own design ideas, as you can see they are a feat of engineering.

Have a look at the detail and the complexity of the connecting pieces. An experience such as this involves many skills, such as problem solving, forward planning, calculating weight and distance and an appreciation of design.

All of this has been achieved through Play, a clear demonstration of the value of allowing our children to explore and choose their own experiences.

Playday in Scotland “Playing Together”

Today is National Playday in Scotland.Click on the link below for more information on Scotland’s Play Charter and what it means for our children.


Scotland’s Play Charter

We chose the theme of “Playing Together”, for our Playday event ,so we invited our friends from all the other family centres in the council.  Glen Family Centre, Glenwood Family Centre, Isobel Mair Family Centre and Madras Family Centre were all able to join us which was lovely. We had a fabulous day . The pictures below speak for themselves.

Many thanks to our friends from the other centres for joining us. I hope we can do it again sometime.