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Today the children built on their previous learning where they explored height to investigate weight. They used various loose parts to build their own scales. The children used a bench, some wooden beams and tyres. Great ideas!!

They then decided to take turns and find out who was the heavier. The used lots of good mathematical language, for example, more – less, bigger, smaller, heavier and heaviest.



Today the children and staff had great fun with the snow. First the children made lots of footprints, then they rolled some balls of snow to make two lovely little snow monsters. Thechildren chatted about the temperature and when the snow would melt.

Then they decided to throw some snowballs at their mums and dads. Fun!!

Lastly the children made some obstacle courses that allowed the children to slip and slide…Fantastic!

Outdoors at Cart Mill

The children had lots of fun exploring the outdoor environment today.

The children made choices about the experiences and resources they would like to play with. Some children loaded the wooden trucks with bricks and blocks. Mark said, “it’s going to the building site” Abby then said, “the three little pigs built a house with bricks”

Another group of children decided to take turns on the bikes and scooters. They practiced manoeuvring around obstacles without bumping into them. Clare used chalk to draw arrows that would remind the children of which direction to travel. Damon asked Clare if she was drawing arrows to show the boys and girls the way.

Other children decided to play What’s the time Mr. Wolf? Great fun today!


Camping and snack!

Lewis, Connor and Scott were talking about camping whilst making shapes at the play dough table.

Sami suggested we made a tent outside. The children quickly found some different resources we could use to make a little tent.

We decided to use the little archway. We realised we needed a door, and a doorbell, and Matthew wanted a sheet to keep it dry.

Once we set up our tent, we decided to have our snack outside. Grace was very helpful, handing out the water cups and the oranges to her friends.


Playday in Scotland “Playing Together”

Today is National Playday in Scotland.Click on the link below for more information on Scotland’s Play Charter and what it means for our children.


Scotland’s Play Charter

We chose the theme of “Playing Together”, for our Playday event ,so we invited our friends from all the other family centres in the council.  Glen Family Centre, Glenwood Family Centre, Isobel Mair Family Centre and Madras Family Centre were all able to join us which was lovely. We had a fabulous day . The pictures below speak for themselves.

Many thanks to our friends from the other centres for joining us. I hope we can do it again sometime.



Sunny Days

Today the children have been building crates one on top of the other at different heights.

The children then challenged themselves to jump from the top of the height they assessed to have just enough challenge. Some children jumped confidently from the really high crates, while others decided to stick to lower heights. The children became more confident to try the higher heights with a little support from Nicola and other staff members. The ladybird and busy bee outfits helped the children to jump up very high.

Some children decided to water the plants because it was a “VERY, hot day!”

Later in the afternoon the children went for a walk to the woods, the children hunted for sticks, played ball games and then sat down together to have snack.