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Music and Rythmn

Today was very exciting, we had a music teacher visit us.  We had our listening ears on!! . We sang some new songs and followed the actions to warm ourselves up.

We all got to choose a musical instrument and learnt their names, we played them very loudly and really quietly. We moved the instruments around high and low then left  and right to the beat and count of 1234.

Our teacher, a lovely lady called Lyndsey, then played a ukulele which is like a small guitar. We sang If You’re Happy and You Know It and then Sleeping Bunnies. As we all listened, and joined in, we got a sticker at the end. We are looking forward to next week to see what we will learn.  🎶.

Tuneful Tuesdays

Today in the Studio it is all about music. We have been exploring the sounds that can be made from each instrument.

We sat together and each chose which instrument we wanted to play. We choose from percussion instruments such as the Maracas and woodwind  instruments such as wooden chimes.
We sang songs and played our instruments alongside.

We then explored the sounds that the bells made. We discovered each bell played a different pitch of sound. We experimented playing low sounds and higher pitch sounds and grouping the bells by these sounds.

We further discussed sounds by talking about playing quietly with soft sounds, and loud with harder sounds. We chose twinkle twinkle to sing along with as our soft sounds song and incy wincy spider as our loud song.

We took our learning outdoors to investigate our music wall. On this we have a selection of everyday objects we can use to make sounds. We had pipes, pans, pots, trays  and used bamboo sticks to play the sounds. Each object had its own unique sound.

We all joined together on the outdoor stage to use the instrument we all have, Our voice.  We sang action songs and rhymes together. I wonder where our musical journey will take us to next, stay tuned to find out.