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Grow, Cook, Eat

Today was a very exciting day in Cart Mill. We took our first delivery of plants and seeds for the garden. This afternoon we were all kept very busy, and muddy, planting our herbs. The children enjoyed touching them, feeling the different leaves and smelling all the different smells that come from herbs. The children talked about the herbs they already know and have seen being used in cooking. Today is the start of our growing programme in the garden. Over the next few weeks we will be planting our seeds and plants so that we can harvest different vegetables later in the year for cooking with and eating!

Cart Mill Herb Garden
I need to fill all the spaces.
The leaves are soft.
I can pick up lots of mud!
This tickles!
I am planting this.
It’s hard to lift the mud up.

What is Healthy Food?

Today we have been learning about different types of food and what types  are good for us. We started off with a variety of food pictures and we then created our own healthy dinner plate.

“Doughnuts have sugar and sugar is bad for your teeth.”

“Peas and potatoes are good for your tummy.”

“Carrots are good for your eyes and help you to see better.”

The boys and girls made a dinner plate which had food that could be healthier so we swapped chips for broccoli and tomatoes because “broccoli gives us big strong muscles.”

The children continued to make tasty healthy dinner plates through out the day and had ‘dinner’ with their friends in the home corner.