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Camping and snack!

Lewis, Connor and Scott were talking about camping whilst making shapes at the play dough table.

Sami suggested we made a tent outside. The children quickly found some different resources we could use to make a little tent.

We decided to use the little archway. We realised we needed a door, and a doorbell, and Matthew wanted a sheet to keep it dry.

Once we set up our tent, we decided to have our snack outside. Grace was very helpful, handing out the water cups and the oranges to her friends.


Fruit Kebabs

Today in the snack area the children made fruit kebabs.  They used a variety of different fruits which they made a list of last week when they voted for their favourite fruits. This included pineapple, apples, bananas, melon, strawberries, grapes and raspberries.

As it is stay and play week the parents from Siobhan’s group joined their children in this experience. The children developed their fine motor skills and their hand and eye coordination as they placed the fruit on the stick. The children used lots of descriptive words to describe the fruits they were eating.

“l like pineapple, it’s nice and sweet and juicy.” Orla

“The strawberries are juicy and soft.” Holly

“The bananas are soft.” Scott





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