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Playdough Experts!

In the home room the children have been particularly enjoying using the playdough in different ways.

They have been following our playdough recipe and are now very confident at making it themselves.

Once the children had made the playdough they used their imagination and turned the playdough into space rockets.

”3..2..1.. blast off”

“My rocket is going to the sky”

What else could we do with our playdough? Well some of the children even decided to open their own sweet shop and sell the best chocolates!

“ Here’s your chocolate, that’s five pounds please “


Water we going to play today?

Today in the studio room. We were exploring our skills while playing a game in the water tray.

First we added some colour to the water to make our game more tricky.
Then we added different shape and sized lids to the water . The aim of the game was to collect the lids that were hidden in the coloured water.  Who would collect the most and fill up their tub and be the winner?  But we were not allowed to use our hands we had to use the tweezers.

But here in our Studio room our children are so clever, that this was too easy for them. So we made it a bit more challenging . Next we added small buttons.

This was a little bit harder, we couldn’t see the buttons in the water but we managed it.  So we made it even more trickier. This time we added beads.

This time it was a bit more difficult to catch the beads in the water. But our children enjoy a challenge , and using their fine manipulative skills were able to  race each other to collect them all to complete the game.  Lots of fun and enjoyment was had by all.

Maybe next week we will think of another game we could play in our water tray. And see who will be victorious in the next challenge.

Plenty of Patterns

This week in the Discovery room we are learning about patterns. We have spotted and explored patterns both indoors and outdoors

We have been learning about patterns of colours. We have been grouping the colours then making colour patterns to copy and continue.

We also used our fine manipulative skills to to trace the patterns on the board using our fingers or the pencil. We discussed the different types of pattern on each of the boards.

We used technology to help us with our pattern recognition skills. We traced then copied simple familiar patterns on the smart board using our mark making skills.

We used natural loose parts to explore the patterns we find in our environments such as shells and pine cones. We then used these loose parts to make our own pattern.

Can you spot any patterns in your home?  Why don’t you try and make some patterns using what you can find at home or even in your garden.