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Den Building

Today the children decided that they would like to build a “DEN”

They collected lots of bits and pieces from the outdoor play area and began to make the structure.

Kaile collected bricks and wooden planks. He used the wheelbarrow to transport the items to the den building sight.

Lewis and Dominick were very busy constructing the walls; they put the blocks and the wood into place. The boys and girls worked well together and were really happy with their achievement. Fabulous!!


Number Line

Today the boys and girls were learning about number. They were exploring the numbers 0-10, talking about how the number 0 is the first number and how we can sometimes forget that one!

Using our bodies to move along the number line, we started at 0 and then jumped. The challenge was to see what number we could land on. some children can  jump to number 5! Some children started jumping and sliding to see if they could reach number 10 that way.

Bradley said “I had fun jumping to 4”.



The children were busy playing with the large wooden dominoes and while we discussed our learning plans the children decided that they would like to make their own.  Bilal, one of our students, helped the children to do this.

The children drew the spots onto the domino shapes then colored them in with felt tip pens. We made our very own dominoes!

They used play dough to cover the spots as they counted the dots.

Matthew commented that he liked to play with his own dominoes. Pippa said “I have six spots on my dominoes.”


Stephanie discussed with the children what they would like to play with at the play dough. Lewis decided that he would like to play with the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs were collected and children immediately began to make eggs. Stephanie asked the children what size the eggs were; small, medium or large. The children collected small pebbles and Callum decided that the pebbles would be food. We all counted how much food we would need to feed the dinosaurs.


A New Construction Area

The children have been enjoying exploring the new construction area within the Family Centre. The children have been looking at buildings in Glasgow and drawing their own then constructing them with the wooden blocks. Some of the children recognised The Science Centre and other familiar buildings that they have visited with their families.


Some of the children have been investigating the Numeracy Area as there has been lots of loose parts and interesting materials added that we have been using to count.



The children have been sharing their shopping experiences. They discussed spending money to buy things like clothes and sweeties.

The children were invited to choose the type of shop they would like to have in the family centre…a toy shop, a food shop or a sweet shop?

The clear winner, I wonder why… most of the children voted for the sweet shop.

Rowan decided to make some signs for the goods that will be sold in the shop with prices, she said “you have to pay for things with money.”

She also felt it would be a good idea to have a special opening ceremony, with a red ribbon. Shona the guest of honour cut the ribbon and the shop was open for business.









dsc09425  dsc09328












Money matters!

Today the children explored coins. They were able to sort them according to size, colour and shape.

They found numbers on the coins and Holly, Abby and Kenna commented “that’s how much”.

Rebecca enjoyed matching a variety of coins.

Harry and Hugh made a number line of 10 coins then pointed and counted accurately the amount.

The children compared the coins and described how they looked.  They said “some are silver”.







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