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Forest School

Forest School started this week and you will see from the pictures above that we all had  a great time. The main focus this week for the children has been exploring and setting safe boundaries, climbing trees, playing on the bouncy branch and comparing sizes with sticks.

We have a mud slide too. Forest School takes place every Wednesday and Thursday morning. There is a rolling programme in place to ensure we can offer this experience to the majority of children.

A note on midges:

Please note that midges are still very much out in force. You may see evidence of this when your child returns from the forest. They appear as small red spots, which will normally disappear overnight. If you are concerned about this, you could try an insect repellant.


Lets play again

Another great day with lots of young children and their family’s joining us for “Let’s Play.”

Today the children led their family outdoors to explore the family centre garden. Some children chose to build obstacle courses using the loose parts and others decided to explore some role play with the strange and wonderful creatures in the soil.

Mums, dads and carers joined in play following their child’s particular interest. Cameron’s mum and dad had fun telling stories with the make believe sock puppets.

Tommy wondered what it would sound like if he were to shout into a cone, it was very loud!!

GOMA Visit

We walked to catch a train to go into Glasgow for our trip to GOMA and we met Michelle at the station. Rhonda bought the tickets from the machine. The train ride was great and Michelle sat with us on our journey.

As we walked to the Museum we heard a man singing a lovely song, Siri said his voice sounded like violins. There were lots of different smells and Florence said that it made her feel hungry.

When we arrived at the gallery we saw the man on the horse with a cone on his head – we laughed. Kaile said he had seen him before.

Inside the gallery we took a lift right up to the top. Hallie liked the painted windows, she said they looked like rainbows with all the different colours. Siri liked the painted curtains and Florence thought that the green lady in the mural looked a bit scary.

Hallie also liked the bin bag sculptures, she commented that they are funny because they should be in the bin and Siri said the wind blows the bags and it catches on the wires and twigs. Siri said “they should be in the trash.”

The children thought the black and white pictures were very old and that one of the ladies in a picture looked like Rhonda.

We had a lovely trip, we saw lots of great things, we heard beautiful music and we had a picnic lunch. Everyone arrived back at the family centre tired but very happy.




This week the children have been exploring shapes; how they fit together and construction techniques.

The children used lollypop sticks to create pictures of familiar structures; some made pictures of their house. They used building blocks and outdoor spare parts to create 3D models and towers.

They then went out for a walk in the local community to have a look at all the different buildings.

The children found some fantastically different buildings, particularly the local church; the children commented that the church looked like a very old building and that it has a clock in the big high tower, we have a new family centre.

When the children found all the local buildings the checked them off their list and then drew a picture of their favorite.

Forest Fun

Today was a beautiful warm spring day. Perfect for forest school. The children got to work to build their shelter so that they could plan for their learning and play in the wonderful outdoors.

Zoe helped the children to tie up the ropes to make a fantastic swing; everyone had a turn to swing and to push.

Climbing trees is also great fun and the boys and girls practiced their climbing skills, they helped each other when necessary.

Then it was time to sit down for a story and to have some snack. It’s been hard work outdoors.

In the afternoon the children found some sticks. They used string and other materials to weave the pieces of wood together; some children made their own stickman from the story by Julia Donaldson.