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Scavenger Hunt

The sun has finally came out today and the children  have been busy on a scavenger hunt. They collected some leaves, sticks,stones and pinecones. The children were able to follow simple instructions to keep themselves safe when out in the community. The children used the variety of materials they collected for transients art pictures when they got back to the Family Centre.


The children were introduced to Earth Day on Monday and have been participating in a variety of experiences to develop their knowledge about it. Today we discussed what we knew about recycling. Erin thought ” that you re-use things.”

Lewis said”glass bottles, you can make new stuff with.”

We then discussed items that can be recycled. Otto said “youghurt box and an old egg box.” Bhavin said “plastic water bottles and food.”

The children then created their own recycling poster using a variety of resources.

The children then looked at pictures of bins at a recycling centre. We are hoping to make our own recycling centre at Cart Mill and we need everyones help so please bring in items from home!

A visit from the builders

The children have been very interested in watching the big machines outside our centre and how they work. They have been following the progress of the ongoing works, and so we were delighted today when the builders came in to see us with their mascot. The builders talked to the children about how important it is to wear safety clothing and equipment as they move around the site. The children had the chance to wear the hi viz jackets too.

Holiday fun

Arran and his Gran also came along to collect the lovely Hamper they had won in the raffle. Yipee!!

We also enjoyed a lovely visit to Bonnyton House where we sang some Christmas songs to the Ladies and Gentlemen who were there today. They loved Jingle Bells and Rudolph. The best fun was when they all laughed because Santa got stuck up the chimney.

In the afternoon when it became dark Lewis and Stephanie collected the torches and went outside to look for bats.

Not the flying kind!!

Four sleeps until Santa comes…


Christmas is for Giving

Yesterday at Cart Mill  Family Centre the children greeted a  very famous guest.  SANTA!!

He took time to pop in and drop off some lovely gifts for all the children in our centre.

Our families and children had also given generously by donating food and other items to be dropped off at a foodbank.  We managed to collect many bags full.

Thank you very much for your continued support and kindness.