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Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

The mornings are getting brighter and sunnier and the flowers starting to emerge in the garden, our rhyme of the week is Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. We decided to make an indoor garden and decorate it with shells and ‘pretty maids’. We have been having lots of fun roleplaying with the indoor garden and singing the rhyme!

“A flower!”

“I’m just fixing it for Mary”

Making flowers for the ‘garden’!

“I’m going to write my name on the flower.”

“Putting them on top”

“You can be the girl Mary.”

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

The Teegar that Cam for his Tea!

As part of our Scottish activities, the children have been reading The Teegar that Cam for his Tea – the Scots version of The Tiger that Came to Tea. The children decided they wanted to make a shopping list of the teegar’s favourite foods as they have been learning all about Scottish food. We had lots of fun discussing the story and practicing our mark making.

“The tiger likes yellow bananas!”

“I’m drawing the tiger buying chocolate cake!”

“He needs healthy food like apples!”

“The tiger eats scones and milk.”

Tattie scones and fruit!”

Christmas Spelling!

In the literacy area today, the children have been practicing their spelling using the magnetic letters. The boys and girls discussed all the different Christmas words that we could think of and tried their hardest to find the letters to some of their favourite words!

”I can spell the word tree”
”I am looking for C for Cat”

”I am looking for R for Rudolph”



Our own Ada Twist!

The boys and girls decided today that they wanted to create their own life sized Ada Twist. They decided to draw around one of the other children and then using their observations from the pictures in the story they decided which colours they needed to use to decorate her.

Tomorrow we are going to discuss the different characteristics needed to be a Scientist and what type of person the children think Ada Twist would be.

”I need to use grey for her eyes”
”Ada has red polka dots on her dress”
”She has yellow gloves to keep her hands safe”

What’s that smell?

The boys and girls have been learning about and listening to the story ”Ada twist the scientist” and in this story Ada performs experiments.  Today we explored different smells.

The children used their sense of smell to smell inside each of the bags and then described what they thought it was. They were able to discuss why they did or didn’t like the smells.

”This one smells like a garden”
The boys and girls discussed the different smells that were in each numbered bag and we recorded their comments.
”This is number 1, it smells like sugar”
”I don’t like this smell”
”This one is nice, it smells like sweeties”

Witches Cauldron

After reading Room on the Broom the children were keen to add objects to our cauldron to make a magic potion. Some of the children collected sticks, leaves and grass from our outdoor playroom to add in.  Some of the children drew pictures to put on our cauldron for the wall. They have been exploring various rhyming words and have been making up their own silly spells too.

We’re going on a bear hunt

This term we are working on developing our listening skills as part of our big focus on phonological awareness.

Today the children watched and  listened to the author Michael Rosen tells his story without using the book.

The children enthusiastically watched his body language as he told the familiar story.  They copied Michael’s movements and become more confident as the story progressed.

Damon said “We copy the man to get to see the bear.”

It was wonderful to watch this experience and how the children expressed themselves using a variety of gestures, movements and emotions.

Ellie reflected afterwards saying “We’re not going on a bear hunt again because the bear came.”