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Outdoor water fun

Today in the garden the children worked really hard helping to reinstate our water trough.

They started off by emptying the rain water that had gathered over time  scooping up the water in different sized jugs before pouring it down the drain “the water is freezing Jo”

The trough felt “ slippy” and “slimey “ so we squeezed in some washing up liquid and warm water and gave it a good scrub “look a rainbow bubble”

Now that the trough was nice and clean we had to move it into its new position in the sun, the children done a great job of transporting all the water toys and aprons.

All that was left to do was fill it with warm water and decide what water toys to play with and have some fun.

Making bird feeders

In the garden admiring the rainbow the toddlers were looking to see if we could see any birds……?  We wondered what could we do to encourage the birds to visit our garden???

we decided to make some delicious food that birds would enjoy, we mixed some lard and bird seeds together……lovely!!!

The children agreed the feeders looked good for the birds but they would prefer their own lunch.

The blackbirds got together and spread the word around Clarkston that the toddlers at Cart Mill Family Centre had made some fabulous feeders for them.

They were joined by some magpies and a robin (please excuse the photography 🤪)

We will be planting some bulbs soon to hopefully encourage more wildlife to visit our garden.