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Taking care of our nursery garden

The summer time is here and our grass has grown really long, it was time for grass to get a “haircut”.

The grass was particularly long around our camp fire so we started here. The children got some scissors to cut the long grass, so it was safe when we use the fire pit.

The children did a great job and it’s now safe to do some cooking next week, I wonder what we will make?

After our great job we then moved on to pull out all the weeds from our flower beds.

We were super tidy the children even swept up all the sand and mud that was over the ground and on our rug.

We encourage the children to actively take part in caring for the nursery and the environment by recycling the grass/weeds in our compost bin and is something that will continue this summer and all year round.
A huge thank you to all our wonderful budding gardeners we have here at Cart Mill.

Building with Blocks

In the Discovery Room the children always enjoy building with different sized 3D blocks, however this week we challenged the children and introduced different resources for them to incorporate in their play.

What was different?
Well we put out large pegs, different materials, carpet and poles.

The children worked together problem solving how to connect the material to the blocks without it falling down.

We explored our imagination while designing these with some children using it as dens, bringing in cushions, carpets, books and torches. Other children made a tent and used it in role play to pretend they were camping.

By adding a few simple but different resources the children have took a new approach to their building projects, by using our creative thinking, and problem solving skills.
We had so much fun and engagement when creating our dens. I wonder what we will create in our Discovery room next week?

Helicopter stories

The children in the discovery room have been using their Imagination and creating their own short stories to read.

Helicopter stories are a great way for the children to dictate their own stories and the adult scribe word for word what the children say.

Here is a few short stories from this week …..

The children were the illustrator and the author of their own stories and now the books are out for everyone to read with their friends in the playroom.

Why not have a go in the house, we would like to hear all your stories!


Today we were introduced to musicality.
Musicality helps us to follow instructions, directions and our left and right!

In this game the children followed the onscreen directions. We learned our left and right!

We learned patterns of sound, pitch and rhythm.

We listened to the music and responded, by moving our bodies to the tempo of the music. Was it fast movements or slow?
we moved like fast fluttering butterfly’s and slow grumpy monsters.

We had a great time doing musicality for the first time and look forward to doing it again. I wonder what we will learn next time?


Campfire 🔥 and garden snack

Today we made snack for everyone round the campfire.

We had some delicious pancakes which Val very kindly made for us. We had to remember or safety rules round the  fire.


“The pancakes were yummy, I had one and some milk”

It’s been a warm day today and we have had lots of opportunities to keep hydrated while out in the garden.

We have had lots of fun in the garden this week with lovely spring sunshine coming out to play with us! Please remember to put sun cream on in the morning before nursery and a bottle of sunscreen in your child’s bag along with a hat. Please label them both.

Let’s get busy at the Tinker Table!

The children have enjoyed exploring the resources in the discovery room. This week we made up our rules to keep ourselves safe while using real tools at the tinker table.

We started by exploring different tools and what they could do…..

Then we used different loose parts and wood to create a robot.

The children at the tinker table risk assessed their own safety while using the tools and kept themselves and others safe.

I wonder what creations we will make next week!

Let’s go fly a kite…

From our garden today we saw a boy flying his kite on the hill.  The children were enthralled by it and were jumping up and down in delight as it whipped through the sky.  They discussed it with each other “it’s up in the sky”, “it’s gone” as they watched.

“Look it’s coming right to our garden”

When the boy went home the children asked to make their own.

They said we would need paper, pens, string and scissors.

“It needs string so it can fly”


They were very keen to design their kites and had fun flying them afterwards.

“The winds making it fly”


“If I run it can fly”


“Look at my kite”

Lots of fun and excitement was had!

What does a snow day at Cartmill look 👀 like?

We have had a few snow days at nursery this year, and here is a few pictures of our favourite snow activities from today……..

The children loved being the first ones to run, roll and sledge 🛷 down the hill.

We then came back to the nursery garden were we explored the different colours in the snow. This also helped us develop our fine motor skills as we used pipettes to paint.

It was very cold outside so we warmed up with some snack and hot chocolate….

We were a little too cold to go back out this morning so created our own sledges using blocks in the room.

What do you do on a snow day? Have fun!


Christmas Fun

It’s Christmas!
The boys and girls in the home room have been enjoying the festive activities at nursery.

We decorated some biscuits with icing sugar and sprinkles, but first we washed our hands…..

We chose different colours of icing to decorate our own biscuits and took them home.

We then heard a bell and a ho ho ho, Santa was in our garden. He sprinkled some magic dust on the stage and then there was presents for all the boys and girls!

Merry Christmas !

Celebrating all things Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Happy St Andrew’s Day!

Today in studio room  we celebrated St Andrew’s day by creating our own tartan…..

Looking at pictures of the Scottish flag  we painted one on the paint board, we looked at colours and shapes in the flag!

At snack time we tried some porridge, oat cakes and shortbread it was delicious 😋

Then we tried some Scottish dancing….

It’s been such a busy day in the studio room we had some relaxing time reading Hamish The Hairy Haggis.

Hope you enjoy celebrating St Andrew’s Day. We did !!