We’re going on a number hunt!!

We’re going on a number hunt, we’re going to find a big one!

Today the children had so much fun going on a number hunt in our local area. We found lots of numbers in some interesting places!


We even took little Blue along to help us on our hunt…


We put our thinking caps on and thought how could we make our own numbers? We found some big sticks, and some little sticks and made some numbers in the gloopy mud! It was very sticky. We couldn’t go under it… we couldn’t go over it… we had to go through it!!!

“it’s very very squelchy”

”I’m going to write 5 because that’s my number”

“look, it’s a 0 and a 1!”

Well done boys and girls, you were all super detectives on our number hunt!!

I wonder where else we could find some more interesting numbers? Or maybe you could try going on a letter or a shape hunt! Have fun everyone 🤩!!



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