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Hi Biggies,

It was good to hear quite a few of you in our daily video conferences last week. I am going to try and keep these up.

It has been great reading all of the e-Portfolio posts 18 of you managed to make at least one post and some people posted much more. I’d recommend you have a look, these are lots of ideas on how to record your learning, some lovely art and some funny jokes in scratch. Please leave you classmates some comments.

Please take your time reading this. Go over it with an adult if you can. Listen to the audio version if that helps. Take your time there is a lot to take in. There are a lot of different activities, I don’t expect you to do them all.  Try to do some maths, language and something else each day.

We will try some assignments in Teams this week. I’ll go over how these work in Monday’s meeting. These will let you do some work and “Hand it in” to me for marking.

We will also try to work together in Minecraft, the test went quite well on Friday. This could be good fun.

Literacy | Maths | Art | ICT | IDL | Health & Wellbeing

Video conference in Teams

  • Monday: 2:00pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00
  • Wednesday: 2:00
  • Thursday: 11:00



Daily Tasks

Read a book, Explore a word, ReadTheory Spelling

If you need a book you can go to Free eBook library | Oxford Owl I have emailed you and your parents the class password.

Yellow & Blue Groups: Reading Friendship in Action

Green & Red Groups: Setting

A Symphony of Trees

A Symphony of Trees. – Free Online Library Read the poem again. Create a response to it. This could be art, or your own poem, or make a poster of the poem and lable interesting things (alliteration, rhyme etc)

Film Literacy

Matilda | Film Class

Watch the clip and answer the questions.

Write at least three (more for p 6 & 7) of your answers to the questions out fully:

When Hortensia begins to tell about Trunchbull, the camera begins to zoom in. I think this is because…

Add those to your e-Portfolio.



Watch this trailer

Continue the story, you can get some tips from Film Education | Resources | The Fox and the Child | The Story.

You can read over the What to Aim for in Narrative Writing: Continue a book to help.

You could type up you story and add it to your e-Portfolio.


Literacy across learning : YouTube or Harry Potter

Try one of these activities:

  • Record Breaking Research –Find out who the top 10 YouTubers are. What genre do they present? How may followers? How much money have they made? Etc.
  • Discuss self-confidence.What does it mean? Are you a confident person or not? What can you do to help if you don’t feel confident? Can you be over confident?
  • New Vocabulary –Choose your favourite character from Harry Potter and think of interesting words to describe them. E.g. what do they look like? their personality, their actions etc.
  • In Harry Potter and the Chamber ofSecrets,Ron Weasley’s Dad secretly owns an enchanted muggle car that can fly! Imagine you could enchant an everyday object. Draw your design and write about the magical properties that you have given it


Daily Maths


Octagons, Hexagons

Pentagons, Squares & Triangles


Second Level Measure Volume

Bonus Triangle and Squares, learn more about percentages.


Scottish Parliament If you did not do the task from last week please try and do it.
There will be a quiz in teams about the Scottish Parliament as an Assignment.


Google pictures of the Scottish parliament. It is an amazing building. Design a really modern building yourself. You could design a new school. Think about making it look really cool on the outside. You might like to think about how the classrooms are designed too. Do you want a square room with square tables? What sort of spaces would you like to have. Have fun.

Happy Faces

Or try some of the older Art Ideas


What Makes you relax
Keep a note of what you do to relax all week ,you might like to try Flow on GoNoodle, perhaps with your family. At the end of the week look back and see how much you have done. What did you enjoy most, what do you think was most effective.


This week I’d like you to practise using your glow email. e-Mail me, you could send some work you have been doing or a photo to share.
Log onto Glow and use the mail icon to open your email. Try to figure out how to send me an email, bonus point for sending a picture with it!


You can get a sprite to “stamp” its image. So you can paint with a sprite. Here is my example.

You need to add the pen blocks to get the stamp. You could have more than one sprite. I’ve used lots of randoms. I am sure you can make something more interesting. (Add a sound).

You can see inside my project.

Author: John Johnston

I am a teacher, currently working in Banton Primary for North Lanarkshire Council. I also act as Product Owner/provide support for Glow Blogs.

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