Narrative Writing: Continue a book

Use the book you are currently reading, you should have made a visualiser for a character.

Try to think what will happen next

You shouldn’t try to come up with a full story for this; you only need to imagine what the next important scene might involve.

Jot down several bullet points about the plot of the novel so far. Now, using your Prior Knowledge of what has happened so far and your imagination, write a few more bullet points outlining what might happen next.

Once this is done, you should attempt to write a few paragraphs in the same style as the writer for this imaginary next scene.

What to aim for:

First Level

  • Understand the Purpose and Audience (who and why you are writing)
  • A varied opening/setting to encourage the reader to read on
  • The setting and the characters
  • One or two main events in a sequenced order. (Include thoughts and feelings of the characters)
  • Introduce simple dialogue (no more than 2 speakers –use a coloured pencil)
  • An ending which brings the events to a conclusion

Second Level

  • Understand the Purpose and Audience (who and why you are writing)
  • A detailed opening to catch the reader’s interest and make them want to read further
  • With increasing detail, describe the setting and the main characters –what they look like and the type of person they are
  • With increasing detail, describe the main events in a sequence (characters’ thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions)
  • Using dialogue, develop characters’ actions, interactions and feelings
  • A turning point or cliffhanger which provides the reader with an appropriate/satisfactory conclusion

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