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Water fun in the sun

Today in the garden the children had great fun expressing themselves playing with flowing water.

Using their problem solving skills to half fill, fill to the top and overflow with different containers.

They used their imagination to build a slide for the water and fill a “goldfish bowl ”  for the fish.

The children displayed great concentration using the hose to fill the containers without spilling any.

They showed great teamwork helping each other fill containers and jugs using the funnels.

Some very special fun was had holding your finger at the end of the hose to squirt the water everywhere.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that the children were excellent  at turn taking, well done boys and girls.

Friday fun at the forest

Our Friday forest school group had missed a day before the holidays so today they spent their last forest day exploring a new site. The Friday group decided that the new site was FUN! We loved the river, the ducks and the butterflies. We also loved the flowers, snack in the sun, climbing the tree and fishing! We actually loved so many things we can’t list them all. We all agreed that this has been the best forest day ever!

Filling and pouring fun

Some of the children had great fun developing their fine motor skills pouring and filling warm water (to try to keep our hands warm – it didn’t last long)

We used different sized measuring scoops, jugs, bowls and our very own home made scales.

The girls enjoyed the challenge of predicting whether their chosen item would float or sink

“it sinks because it’s heavy”

“It sinked to the bottom “

Balancing the scale took great concentration, well done girls you managed it 🙌🏻