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Can you find the star?

As part of Maths Week Scotland the toddlers have been busy exploring the different shapes inside various fruit and vegetables.

The children enjoyed using magnifying glasses to see the different shapes inside.

“ I can see a flower”

”I can see a star”    ” in the orange”


“ I can see teeth “

The  children have also been exploring the Autumn tray filled with lentils, rice leaves, pine cones and wooden loose parts.


“Red, Yellow, orange”


Sticky Shapes

Today in the toddler room the children were making sticky pictures with glue and different coloured shapes. This gave them the opportunity to explore different shapes and discuss how many sides each shape has. The children were thinking about what they could use the shapes for in their pictures and of course enjoyed getting sticky fingers from the glue!

”Mine has a big funny nose!”

”Mind has small legs!”


Exploring shapes!

Today in the numeracy area, the boys and girls have been exploring different 2D shapes and learning the names of them.

I know that’s a hexagon!

We have been exploring some new resources in the nursery and using them to learn our shape names. The children were finding the correct shape to match the ones in the picture.

Diamonds and triangles on the butterfly

I know a square, a diamond and a triangle!


Today the toddlers had fun investigating shapes.

They were using the coloured lollipop sticks to make squares, rectangles and triangles!

They were identifying the different colours of sticks, concentrating on making their own shapes and filling the shapes on the floor with the lollipop sticks creating patterns.