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Witches Cauldron

After reading Room on the Broom the children were keen to add objects to our cauldron to make a magic potion. Some of the children collected sticks, leaves and grass from our outdoor playroom to add in.  Some of the children drew pictures to put on our cauldron for the wall. They have been exploring various rhyming words and have been making up their own silly spells too.

Together time for Toddlers



In the toddler room, Zoe, Sami, Jade and the children have been enjoying their special together time at the beginning and end of every session. The children have a special song box with some props which act as visual cues to help the children make their song choice.

As you can see it is great fun! This type of experience helps build the children’s confidence and self esteem. Next week at Stay and Play maybe some parents will get to choose a song if they come along..

We love Bookbug!

Zoe, our Bookbug leader, was so excited to see the real Bookbug here in our centre this morning and so were the children.

Bookbug popped in to our family session to see the babies and toddlers and of course the grown ups.

Then it was time for an outdoor Bookbug extravaganza!

The children went on a Bookbug Hunt and found the hidden images.

Then Bookbug went on a visit to the toddler room whilst the older children received their certificates. It was an amazing day!

Thank you Bookbug!



The children have been exploring musicality this week. This has involved staff providing opportunities and experiences to develop their auditory skills.

The children have become familiar with “monster steps” and “fairy dance”, big steps, little steps and let’s move our head, throughout the week.

“I like the fairy dancing and monster one. I like all of the music. We need to listen to which music is coming on then dance.” Child’s quote.

The children have also been playing “guess who is calling you?” where they need to listen carefully and find the friend who calls their name.

Much to the children’s delight the musical bear has made several visits with a range of instruments. He encourages the children to take turns and recognise the names and sounds of instruments.

Adam said, “stomp stomp” during monster music and, “twirl twirl” during the fairy music.  Everyone loves the music and it gets the adults as well as the children moving along to the beat.


Stephanie was practicing some nursery rhymes with the children to help develop their phonological awareness. While playing pat-a-cake, Ben decided he would like to bake a cake. Stephanie and Ben then asked some boys and girls if they would like to help bake the cake. The children collected the resources they would need to bake the cake.

The children used lots of mathematical language as they measured the correct amounts of the various ingredients into the bowl. The children shared and managed to take turns to stir the ingredients into a gloopy paste. They poured the mixture into cake cases and put them into the oven to bake. While the children waited they sang pat-a-cake again…more than once.


It’s Giggles for Book Bug Week!!

Jo and Zoe took turns to tell the story and to lead the singing.

Today we read the story called No-bots, the robot with no bottom. The children had a good giggle and wondered, “how does he sit down?”

The children also sang some of their favorite songs; these were today’s choice…

Five Cheeky Monkeys…it was fun to make the teddies bounce up and down on the stretchy blanket.

If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands. The children helped their teddy to clap their paws too and Row, Row, Row your boat; when we see the crocodile everyone likes to scream.