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Jack and the Beanstalk

The children have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and constructing their own beanstalk with the building blocks. They have been exploring numbers on the leaves of the beanstalk and are beginning to understand that they represent quantities. They are also beginning to recognise the numbers and sort them in order .

                                                         “The giant climbed to top”

                                         “Number 2”

                                                “Fee Fi Fo Fum”

                                                         “I can make 10 blocks


Outdoors was so lovely today, the children enjoyed playing in the sun. It was cold but lovely and bright and we are starting to feel like Spring may be coming soon.

The children were learning to identify numbers and used their fingers to draw numbers in the sand.

There was also a measuring experience taking place as some of the children used the blocks to measure how tall they were. The children used mathematical language to talk about height and measurements.

Fine Motor Development

Today the children have been developing their fine motor skills and their pencil control in the literacy area.

They used mark making cards to copy the number shapes.

Caitriona said she wanted to do the zig zags and Oonagh said “I want to do the circles because they’re easy.”

The children also developed their mark making skills in the loose parts area. They looked at numbers and practiced writing in the missing numbers in the line.

Erin told us “I was drawing numbers in the gaps after the black numbers.”



Rain Guage and Wind Anemometer!

Today the children made a rain catcher (gauge) and a wind spinner (anemometer). The children began by marking out the centimeters from the side of the spirit level.  The children took turns to mark  the lines and to write the numbers. The children placed the rain catcher in a pipe on the table. We will check the amount of rain we collect daily and record our findings on a chart.

We will also keep our eyes on our windspinner to see how fast the wind blows







Number Line

Today the boys and girls were learning about number. They were exploring the numbers 0-10, talking about how the number 0 is the first number and how we can sometimes forget that one!

Using our bodies to move along the number line, we started at 0 and then jumped. The challenge was to see what number we could land on. some children can  jump to number 5! Some children started jumping and sliding to see if they could reach number 10 that way.

Bradley said “I had fun jumping to 4”.


Number Jumping

During Maths Week Scotland the children investigated how far they could jump and what number they would land on.  they drew lines on the ground and numbered them 1 to 5.

The children were challenged to jump as far as they could and then call out the number – 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5!  They had fun trying over and over again to beat their number.

Jade said “This time I’m going to jump all the way to number 5!” and Sophia told everyone proudly “I jumped to number 3”.


Stephanie discussed with the children what they would like to play with at the play dough. Lewis decided that he would like to play with the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs were collected and children immediately began to make eggs. Stephanie asked the children what size the eggs were; small, medium or large. The children collected small pebbles and Callum decided that the pebbles would be food. We all counted how much food we would need to feed the dinosaurs.


A New Construction Area

The children have been enjoying exploring the new construction area within the Family Centre. The children have been looking at buildings in Glasgow and drawing their own then constructing them with the wooden blocks. Some of the children recognised The Science Centre and other familiar buildings that they have visited with their families.


Some of the children have been investigating the Numeracy Area as there has been lots of loose parts and interesting materials added that we have been using to count.


The Smartest Giant in Town

The children have been role playing in the shop area and linking their play to the story of “The Smartest Giant in Town”. They have been using numbered story stickers 1 -10 to retell the stories and events of the book.


The children found the Giant’s shoes and were excited to try them on. The shoes were so big that their little shoes and Katies shoes could fit inside!

Using the bricks and number lines they were able to measure each shoe and compare with the smaller ones.

The children explored size and length, longest, and shortest.

Numeracy is FUN!

Blocks of imagination

Today the children decided to make a racing car with the large blocks.

Kaile asked “can we look at what is inside a car”

The children used the smart board to find the shapes that would help them to make a racing car. They made a sloped bonnet, car seats peddles and a steering wheel.

As they created the children decided to make their car a sports car. All the children sat in the car and used a long piece of wood to represent the seatbelt.

Kaile shared “now we are safe to go”

While the children were out for their drive a polar bear managed to get into the car…

Siri thought that the bear had lost his mummy and they should all help her search for her family.

The children sang, “We’re going on a bear hunt,” great fun.