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Christmas Spelling!

In the literacy area today, the children have been practicing their spelling using the magnetic letters. The boys and girls discussed all the different Christmas words that we could think of and tried their hardest to find the letters to some of their favourite words!

”I can spell the word tree”
”I am looking for C for Cat”

”I am looking for R for Rudolph”



A Visit to the Post Office

Last week the children asked about where the Christmas Cards and letters to Santa go. They decided that it would be a good idea to make a visit to the post office to find out.

While they waited for a bus to travel to the post office a post van passed them by.

On the bus the children talked about the numbers and the names that need to be on the envelope so that the post man or woman  knows where to go. Some children were able to share their address.

At the post office the man behind the counter sold the children some stamps that they need these to send the letters. Outside Katie talked about the envelope, and showed the children the notice on the post box. The sign had a list of the times when the mail would be collected.

A lady had lots of Christmas cards to post.

As the children walked to the cafe for a well-earned rest and snack they noticed the numbers and signs all around them.  In the cafe the children practiced some writing and then travelled back to our centre.