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How do we know what size of shoe to wear?

One of our children had asked the question – How do we know what size of shoe to wear?

First of all we explored what size our shoes were.  We checked on the bottom and inside our shoes and found our sizes on the inside.

We learned that we have to measure our feet as they grow to make sure we have the right sized shoe!

We used the shoe chart to measure how tall our feet are.

Then we used the measuring tape to see how wide they were.


Why did the spider come inside?

This week is book week scotland and we are focusing on the book ‘Ada Twist Scientist’ by Andrea Beaty.  Ada is a very curious girl who wants to know why things happen. Recently a large spider came into the Family Centre and the children wanted to know why the spider had come in.

The children were made aware of different types of insects and what they eat. They were then aware that dropping food on the floor attracts flies and as spiders eat flies the spider had come in to the centre to eat the flies.

The children then were given specimens of insects to examine and made representations of them with playdough. The very curious children had lots of fun looking at the insect specimens and making playdough models.

Science in action!  Play allows the child to research.