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Messy Play!

The children have been very busy this week in the toddler room. The children  have enjoyed painting through using their hands and feet.

The children used different colours of paint and compared hand sizes with Jade! Rose said “Jade’s hand is bigger.”

The children worked as a team to decorate the old curtains and put their great art work up in our garden.As you can see it was so much fun!

The bear and the piano

The children have been enjoying the book “the Bear and the Piano. “The children have been busy performing like the bear in the story book. The other children have been their audience and have been praising their performance.

The children have been retelling the story with help from flash cards with visuals from key parts within the story. Some children decided to illustrate their stories too and created some lovely drawings.



The boys and girls were discussing their experiences of fireworks today.

Georgia said ” I heard them last night, they look like colourful”.

Erin – “Fireworks shoot in the sky and they do a big bang then you see the colours”

Marissa said “I did fireworks, they were loud and one was like a water fountain”

The discussion led the childrento explore the different patterns and sounds of fireworks. Connor said “They boom”, Amber said “Bang” and Emeli said “sshhh”.

The children played a game using a dice and they took turns to roll it to see which pattern they got. They  then explored materials for writing and drew the pattern and/or copied the sound word.



The children were busy playing with the large wooden dominoes and while we discussed our learning plans the children decided that they would like to make their own.  Bilal, one of our students, helped the children to do this.

The children drew the spots onto the domino shapes then colored them in with felt tip pens. We made our very own dominoes!

They used play dough to cover the spots as they counted the dots.

Matthew commented that he liked to play with his own dominoes. Pippa said “I have six spots on my dominoes.”

Halloween is coming…

The children have been participating in lots of fun experiences today inspired by Halloween.

These are ghost pictures created using paint and a pear.  Spooky!

The children also drew images related to the character they were dressed up as today – pumpkin, Belle, witch, to name but a few.

Others were busy making broomsticks for the witches to fly around on.

More fun tomorrow!  And remember it’s dressing up all week if you want to.


Stephanie was practicing some nursery rhymes with the children to help develop their phonological awareness. While playing pat-a-cake, Ben decided he would like to bake a cake. Stephanie and Ben then asked some boys and girls if they would like to help bake the cake. The children collected the resources they would need to bake the cake.

The children used lots of mathematical language as they measured the correct amounts of the various ingredients into the bowl. The children shared and managed to take turns to stir the ingredients into a gloopy paste. They poured the mixture into cake cases and put them into the oven to bake. While the children waited they sang pat-a-cake again…more than once.

Outdoors at Cart Mill

The children had lots of fun exploring the outdoor environment today.

The children made choices about the experiences and resources they would like to play with. Some children loaded the wooden trucks with bricks and blocks. Mark said, “it’s going to the building site” Abby then said, “the three little pigs built a house with bricks”

Another group of children decided to take turns on the bikes and scooters. They practiced manoeuvring around obstacles without bumping into them. Clare used chalk to draw arrows that would remind the children of which direction to travel. Damon asked Clare if she was drawing arrows to show the boys and girls the way.

Other children decided to play What’s the time Mr. Wolf? Great fun today!



Stephanie discussed with the children what they would like to play with at the play dough. Lewis decided that he would like to play with the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs were collected and children immediately began to make eggs. Stephanie asked the children what size the eggs were; small, medium or large. The children collected small pebbles and Callum decided that the pebbles would be food. We all counted how much food we would need to feed the dinosaurs.


Water Play




We have colourful buckets for our water play area. the children enjoyed using them for some filling and pouring activities. Emily wanted to see how long it would take to fill up the bucket by blowing into the hose.

Antony discovered that he could blow bubbles this way!

The children are also learning how to dress appropriately when playing in the water by wearing suits and wellies.

Damon said “I’m filling the bucket right to the top so I can make a muddy puddle”, Anthony said “I’m pouring into the muddy puddle”

Emily said “I’m filling it up so I can put it in the tyre but it’s taking  along time!”

Friendship Tree

The children while speaking with Jo decided to create a beautiful friendship tree. The children used paints and brushes to paint their hands and then make a print on the paper.

Grace said that the tree was beautiful and she liked all the colours, especially red because her handprint was red.

Georgia talked about how the paint tickles her hands and Jacob shares that the paint felt soft.

Georgia wrote “friendship tree” so that everyone knew what the painting was about.