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I wonder?

The children have been carrying out some experiments. Yesterday they tried mixing mento’s with coke to make a volcano…it didn’t work!

Next they decided to light the fire pit and toast some marshmallows. Sticky but yummy!

Then the decided to create their own Volcano. Bhavin and the other children are going to try bicarbonate of soda and vinegar tomorrow. I wonder what will happen.


Dinosaur World

Today we have been buliding a volcano from recycled materials to make a small world for our dinsosaurs. The children discussed what the dinosaurs might like in their world and they decided on a volcano and some plants. We used the promethean board to find out more information on volcanoes and what they look like so we could make our own. We used a plastic bottle and some old newspapers to cover it. Once it is dry we are going to paint it.

Watch out for the finished product!

Spring Planting

Today the children worked hard in the Family Centre Garden. They helped to plant shrubs and tulips.

The children put on rubber gloves and helped to break up the soil. They talked about how the soil was really soft and it had a smell, like potatoes.

Once the shrubs were planted the children said that it looked like a fairy garden. Next week the children are going to help plant some herbs. Kaile said they smell nice.


We have been working together as a team and using our problem solving skills to build a car at the block area. The children have been using measuring tapes to identify how tall their creations were and comparing sizes of various buildings.

“I think it is really tall. I am going to measure it.” – Ellie

“I want to be the driver next. I love to build!”- James.


Den Building

Today the children decided that they would like to build a “DEN”

They collected lots of bits and pieces from the outdoor play area and began to make the structure.

Kaile collected bricks and wooden planks. He used the wheelbarrow to transport the items to the den building sight.

Lewis and Dominick were very busy constructing the walls; they put the blocks and the wood into place. The boys and girls worked well together and were really happy with their achievement. Fabulous!!


Block Play

The children have been using their imagination in the block play area today.

Clara and Amber worked together to build a car with two seats. The pretended to be mummies and fed their babies.

Abbey and Ellie decided to build a tree house for Clare and the Bear. Ellie said, “Clare and the Bear rhyme.”

The children worked together, cooperating well to build the tree house. Clare asked for a window so that she could see out.  The children decided that they would build the tree house up to Clare’s head height.

Ellie explained that two blocks going up would be needed and one long block across.

When the structure was complete, Ellie handed Clare a pretend ipad and told her she could keep busy in the tree house.