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Forest School Week 5

The Wednesday group are very interested in the insects that live in the woodland.  They went looking for them and then decided to make a home for them.

They gathered sticks, leaves and other items from the forest floor to create a home at the bottom of a tree.

The Thursday morning group learned about how to make a safe fire in the forest.  There is always a fire surround made from sticks that establishes the fire area and ensures that the fire is a safe distance from the children.  Fire safety forms an important part of the Forest School Leader Training.


Once the fire was established the children used their whittled sticks to toast a marshmallow on the fire.

On the way into the forest the children heard a loud sawing noise and noticed people up in the trees cutting branches.  We talked about the job of a tree surgeon and why they need to cut branches sometimes.

The Thursday afternoon group made a raft to sail on the river.   You can see the launch in this video.

Video FS 14 PM

The children in this group also learned about fire and whittled sticks to toast their marshmallows.

The trees at this part of the walkway have been felled to allow a greater view of the river and viaduct.  We love to stop and look at this view each week as it changes so much but is always inspiring.

Family Cooking

Ellie, Tommy’s mum decided to cook Garlic Chicken Curry.

We managed to put together a shopping list to make sure we had all the ingredients. Jenny helped Sophie and Lucy chop grapes and peppers. The girls did really well and managed to complete the task by themselves. Jenny brought some quorn so that everyone could enjoy the meal.

The children and their parents chopped the peppers. Mamoona Adam’s mum and Rhonda were busy chopping the onions. Someone must! Athar, Adam’s dad helped Adam to chop some pineapple. Elizabeth, Joseph, Mark and Thomas really enjoyed helping to prepare the meal.

Ellie marinated the chicken and quorn ready to cook Then Amanda, Declan and Leon’s looked on as the ingredients were put into the large pans. It smelled delicious. Once it was cooked we all sat down and tasted the dish.  We ate rice, curry and nan bread, it was yummy.

Carrot Soup

Lewis asked to make carrot soup earlier in the week, however today he decided he didnt want to make it as he wanted to play in the garden!

Instead, Stephanie, Harry, Abbey and Arran made it. They peeled some carrots and potatoes. Arran chopped an onion which he said “nipped his eyes”. The soup simmered away in our kitchen all day and it smelled wonderful. We enjoyed it for afternoon snack.