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Toddlers visit the Fire Pit

Today the toddlers enjoyed a visit to the big garden to help make vegetable pakora and watch it cooking on the fire

The children could feel the heat from the fire and warmed their hands while they waited on the pakora cooking. They also thought the ash looked liked snow  . We even got to try some and it tasted really yummy !!


Stay and Play

The fire was crackling away today for our first stay and play event of the week. Parents joined their children for an outdoor cookery session round the fire to sample a tried and tested Cart Mill favourite, pancakes.
All the children are aware of the hazards around the fire and they know how they can stay safe but we had to make sure our visitors knew how to be safe around the fire pit. The children impressed everyone with their knowledge of fire safety. Risky play is so important to development, it can result in developing more confidence, safety awareness and better risk assessment skills, this works for mums and dads too! After some measuring and mixing, it was time to sit back in the winter sunshine and enjoy our pancakes.

don’t forget, you don’t stand beside the fire.

I am going to make a pancake for my little sister!