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Harvest Time in the Garden

Today the boys and girls got to see the results of all their hard work throughout the year. We have tended our plants from little seeds, nurtured them as they have grown, fed and watered them through the summer and now the time has come to taste some of our vegetables!
First we have to pick the biggest vegetables we can find as we want to make soup.

This looks like a big leek

I have a really big onion

Here is another one!

The potatoes need peeled after being in the muddy ground.

Look at all the roots, this is how the plant gets fed from the ground.

The onions get chopped up and added to our soup pot.

So do the leeks…

Now we need to care for the environment and compost all our waste.

And now it’s time to get our soup cooking on the fire.

And at last, it’s time to taste our home grown soup.

Toddlers visit the Fire Pit

Today the toddlers enjoyed a visit to the big garden to help make vegetable pakora and watch it cooking on the fire

The children could feel the heat from the fire and warmed their hands while they waited on the pakora cooking. They also thought the ash looked liked snow  . We even got to try some and it tasted really yummy !!