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Chinese New Year

The children in the toddler room have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and Chinese culture. They had sensory fun trying to find number cards hidden in the coloured noodles. The cards had pictures of pigs on them as 2019 is the year of the pig! The children also had sticky fun making their own coloured Chinese dragons. At snack time they sampled some traditional Chinese food and explored this with chopsticks. Everyone joined in and had a taste. The prawn crackers were a definite favourite!! Yummy!!










Happy Chinese New Year!

Today at Cart Mill we have been learning about Chinese culture and traditions as tomorrow is Chinese new year! 2019 is the year of ‘The Pig’ and the children have been making red envelopes or ‘Hongbao’; a Chinese tradition where money is given to children as new year gifts.

This gave the children a great chance to practise their mark making and folding techniques and build their fine motor skills.

“I have to fold it like a triangle. “

“Mine is going to have chocolate coins in it.”

“I want to give mine to my mummy.”

“I’m going to write my name on mine.”

“I want to put pennies in it.”

Happy Chinese New Year!

Visitors from China

Today we were very excited about 3 special visitors from China who were coming to see our centre and find out about how we learn through play.  Fan Lin, Lily’s mum, accompanied the visitors who are from the Fujian province which is south east of China.  Olivia is a nursery teacher and she works in New Yanggo Preschool Education.  The other two visitors are Mr Wang and Lily Sun and both of them are from Fujian Sky Cultural Exchange Institute.


Lily was wearing traditional Chinese clothes today and she looked amazing.


Fan talked to the children about the Chinese New Year and the custom of giving money envelopes.  Everyone got their own envelope and they were decorated exquisitely for the year of the rooster.

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We learned the sign for Happy New Year!


Our visitors very kindly gave us a gift – a beautiful scroll.  We have hung this in our welcome area for everyone to see.  We hope to keep in contact with Olivia and her nursery so that we can learn more about China and the children who attend New Yanggo Preschool.


Thank you Fan for this wonderful experience for both our staff and children.  We very much hope to keep in contact with Olivia and we thank all of the visitors for their interest in our centre and our children.