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Forest School Week 2

Last week the children went to our smaller forest school but today we went on a big adventure to our favourite site at Busby Glen. There was so much to explore. The walk was very exciting, we saw a train track and went under a big bridge. We were told by one of the children there were 400 trees on the way. They  found some really big trees to climb and had lots of fun but the highlight was definitely the hot chocolate!

I can balance.
I’m going higher.
Can I put my biscuit in?

I love marshmallows!

Forest School – week 10!

It was our final week of Forest School.

For all groups this week we had our Forest school cook out. We enjoyed a sausage around the fire with our peers reflecting on what has been an exciting 10 weeks. The children have all developed an exciting and fulfilling experience. Although due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances the children were not always in the forest however there were forest activities on offer for the children to continue their development within the family centre.

We have had the pleasure of watching your children grow and develop their confidence within the forest, they have been exposed to new experiences. We have seen your children make new friendships. All of the children have now a good awareness of hazards and boundaries and have shown great participation in following our agreements on where these boundaries should be.

Here are some pictures of your children from their last week at Forest school.

The Tuesday afternoon group enjoyed the cook out and then got to work exploring the forest with a real confidence.

Wednesday group decided to reuse the wood from the fire to draw. The children shared the wood and all took a chance of creating a master piece.

The Thursday morning group found a friend.  We found a cream spot ladybird. The children were intrigued by the different colour of spots and enjoyed making new names for the little lady bird. We put it safely back on a leaf to allow him to go back to their family.

Our Thursday afternoon group were so excited to be back near the river. We splashed, jumped and skimmed stones. We listened for the different sounds we heard on this site compared to our other sites. The children felt it was louder because of the water. We also discovered a frog had laid eggs.  These were in danger of not growing due to them being too far away from the water.  Val and others placed them back to a place nearer the water edge and hopefully they will grow and become tadpoles soon.

We will leave feedback forms at the front office, if you would like to leave us some food for thought to help us further develop our future sessions.

Thank you very much for your support.

Sharon, Stephanie, Val and Jaweria.