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Pumpkin Feast

After all our Halloween celebrations last week we had lots of pumpkins left over! But what could we do with them?

The children had the wonderful idea that we could feed our feathered friends and other local wildlife with all the pumpkin mush inside.

First of all Helen cut the tops off our pumpkins then Fiona helped us set to work scraping out all the yummy pumpkin!

We had such great fun scraping the pumpkins out and we are so happy our wildlife friends are going to have very full tummys!

Fascinating Fractals!

It’s Maths Week Scotland in Cart Mill this week and in the Discovery Room we have been exploring the mysterious patterns in nature called fractals.

So what are fractals? A mathematician called Benoit Mandelbrot noticed similar patterns in some shapes in nature. He agreed that these natural shapes, which he  named ‘fractals’ were different from perfect shapes and didn’t look much like one another.  But one thing  they do have in common is that every fractal shape has  smaller parts that look like the whole shape.

We began our exploration into fractals this week by exploring the book Mysterious Patterns by Sarah C Campbell.

We enjoyed looking at the different pictures of fractals in nature from the book. We also investigated fractals in the form of broccoli and fern leaves. We used magnifying glasses to explore them closely and recorded our observations.

We decided we would like to create our own fractal tree patterns so we used pipe cleaners to  make our twigs and branches.

Our favourite fractals so far that we have discovered are snowflakes! We love the pretty patterns they make as they float to the ground. We had great fun making our own snowflakes on the light table this afternoon.

Tomorrow we are going to make our own frozen fractal patterns using ice!

Mr Bones


Our skeleton Mr Bones had an unfortunate accident this week when his head fell off!

The children used the Bones book and some special tools to try to make him a new head but decided it was too tricky and Mr Bones’s head has been sent off to the bone hospital for repairs!

The boys decided to do some essential maintenance on Mr Bones to check no more bones were loose. Fortunately everything seemed to be fine!

Mr Bones’s head is off to the hospital and we will keep you updated on his progress. Poor Mr Bones!

Pirates Ahoy!

This week in the Discovery Playroom we have been exploring treasure! We have had great fun looking at all the different shiny containers and sorting the treasure we found!

We decided to be pirates and had to share our treasure equally to make sure we all had some.

The pirates decided they needed to protect their treasure, but how? With cannons of course! We used the big long pipes and bricks to build our cannons, filled them up and fired them off to protect our treasure, Aargh me hearties!

Flower Letters

This week in the literacy area we have been continuing to explore letters in the world around us. The children were invited to create letter shapes using some beautiful spring flowers,

“I made a T with sticks.”

We also made an alphabet matching game to help us explore what letters sound like.

We hammered the nails into the wood.

We wrote the letters all by ourselves.

We chose the pictures for each letter and stuck them onto the wood.

Finally we could play our game!


Letter Learning

This week in the literacy area we have been talking about letters! We shared what we know about letters with each other and discussed different ways we could learn more.

Some children were interested in writing letters so we provided lots of learning opportunities for them to explore writing letters in different materials. As usual we have got a little messy at times but that’s all part of the fun!

Using wet sand and letter stencils to print…

“I am finding letters from my name.”

Using shaving foam…..

“I can write my name.”
“I can do all my letters”

Wet, slimy mud…..


Whose Nest?

Some of the children  went to visit newborn lambs and chicks during their holidays and they are keen to learn more about ‘new life’ in the world around them at this time of year.

This week we explored the wonderful story of Whose Nest ? The children had great fun guessing which animal the nests belonged to and learned how each animal creates their nest in a different way to keep their babies safe.

We brought in some nests for the children to investigate

The children discussed who these nests could belong to? They had the idea they could use the story to help them and used the clues and pictures to help them decide. They decided they would show their answers through drawing. You can see some of their fantastic creations below.

Spring Words

This week we have been exploring signs of Spring. The children were keen to share all the things they already knew about Spring and what they would like to learn more about.  We made a list of all the Spring words  we could think of .

We have been having fun  in the shaving foam and sand  exploring different ways to make marks such as using our fingers and daffodil stems!

I can make wiggly lines.


Cart Mill Coffee Shop

‘Here is your chocolate cake. I hope you lilke it.’

Over the last few weeks the children have been very busy preparing to open their own coffee shop. A group of children visited Costa Coffee to explore the kinds of things we would need. We had a  tasting test to see what kind of tea we would like to sell, and decided on blackcurrant and peppermint along with coffee and everybody’s favourite hot chocolate!

The children also wanted to make some yummy cakes to sell. We made these from a variety of art and craft materials and we all agreed they looked good enough to eat!

We have had great fun this week visitng our coffee shop and taking on the different roles of customers and waiters. We have been  taking orders in our notebooks, and serving drinks and food to our friends.

‘I will make your coffee nice and hot. The machine has sugar in it.’
‘ That will be £1 please.’
‘ I will take my coffee away to work.’
‘Mmmmm yummy hot chocolate.’
‘Here is your cake sir.’
‘I would like the pink cake.’