BPS P6_7 Home Learning WB 1 March 2021

Please listen to the audio above and read the notes below the table.

Week Beginning 1 March 2021

Spelling Green  Group
Stage 6-7 Affixes 2
Blue Group
Blue Group Common Words 5 a
Literacy Green
Maths Maths

Banton Primary School Fairtrade Home Learning 1-5 March 2021

As part of our whole school learning about Fairtrade, please use this grid to pick an activity every day for this week. If you have a brother or sister learning at home with you then you can complete these activities together. Don’t forget to send your work to me in teams!
Fairtrade Home Learning Grid

Visit the Youth Online Exhibition Hall | Fairtrade Foundation for some inspiration.

P.E. ideas Shanarri March Responsible Art French
Make sure you check out the classrooom early in the week and choose some interesting learning. Post work you do to the Share Learning Area on our Team.
This week: you could post something you are proud of doing.  Perhaps some Art, your writing from Wednesday or Fairtrade work.   

Hi Biggies,

Meetings this week:

Monday 11:00
Wednesday 13:30
Friday: 11:00

Remember the virtual classroom page, you might find it easier to use than this page, it links to most of the places you need.

Last week there was a much better uptake of ReadTheory, and quite a lot of DUMTUMs, keep this up and try to rack up some points on Sumdog for the competition!

I am also hoping that you will spend some literacy time writing scripts for the podcast (more about that in the Monday meeting).

Organise your week. You should be doing maths and literacy every day. If you think of that as your morning work you should plan other activities for the afternoons.. This week  I hope you will do one Fairtrade activity every day.

Maybe something like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Fairtrade Fairtrade Shanarri Fairtrade
P.E French Fairtrade Fairtrade Golden Time

A quicker way to see feedback on what you have handed in.

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