Lockdown 2021 French

Here is your lockdown french work. Each week will appear at the top of the page. you can also revise previous week’s work.

8th March

Hobbies Wordmat &  Sports word mat

Use the word mats to make a game to help people practise either sports OR hobbies in French.  Be creative! You can make your game using technology or make it on paper.  Take a photo/screenshot of your game and upload it to Shared Work along with an explanation of how to play it.


1st March

  1. Read through and listen to the PowerPoint to revise some sports and hobbies.
  2. On the worksheet use the sentence starters to give your opinion on each activity by writing a sentence in French.
  3. Ask a question in the Shared Work channel for your classmates to answer e.g. Tu aimes le basket? (Do you like basketball?) Tu aimes la danse? (Do you like dancing?)

22 February

This week we will be learning some new vocabulary for things we do in our spare time/hobbies.

  1. Login to Linguascope. Go to Beginner > French > Les Loisirs (pink tab) > Mes passe-temps
  2. Listen to the vocabulary in ‘Presentation’. If you are unsure of any meanings then click the ‘vocab’ button for a translation.
  3. Choose and play at least 3 games from the section
  4. Complete the worksheet

Week 6 – 15 February

Remind yourself of your French sports.  If you like, you can re-watch



  1.   Complete the ‘Les Sports Matching Sheet 2‘ Sheet. Pages Version.
  2.   Scroll down and read the short paragraphs in French.  Pick out as many facts as you can.
  3.   Have a go at writing your own short paragraph about a French person you have made up.  Post it to the Shared Work channel and challenge your classmates to translate it 🙂

Week 4 –  1 February 2021

Here is the task for your class for French next week: We have a new, exciting French resource to use! Follow the instructions on the sheet to complete your French task for this week!

P6-7 Linguascope Sports Instructions

Week 3 – 25 January 2021

Watch the video

All the instructions for this week’s task are in the video. Bonne chance!

Week 2 18 January 2021

Watch the videos:


Just focus on learning the words for the sports, don’t worry about the rest.

Complete Les Sports Matching Sheet

On the Kahoot app, search for ‘French Sports’. Select a quiz and click on the blue ‘Study’ button. Choose ‘Test Yourself’. Let me know how you get on!

If someone in your family has time, ask them to play a game of ‘Les Sports Connect 4‘ with you.

Week 1 11-January 2021

Revise your French numbers 70-100 by watching this video:

Now, write these numbers in French: 81, 75, 99, 87, 100, 73, 84 and 92. Try to write them without looking at the video!

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