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Hi Biggies,

Here is this week’s learning.

Teams Meeting will be at 2pm every day this week

I’ll open the Minecraft server at 1pm most days. 

As usual you can get in touch with me in Teams or via email.

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Something a wee bit different:

Paper Aeroplanes

This week we are going to learn a bit about making Paper Aeroplanes.

Over the week build, decorate & fly paper aeroplanes. Try to make at least 3 so you can compare the designs.

We are looking for:

  • Smoothest Flyer
  • Distance Flight
  • Best looking design
  • Best Decoration

We will also use this for our writing this week. See below.

There are tons of great resources for making them:

Fold ‘N Fly » Paper Airplane Folding Instructions This site is really good, there are step by step instructions and a youtube video at the bottom of each page.

Paper Airplane Designs

And some tutorials on Youtube, I like this one:

This is easy and it flies well if you just drop it gently:

How to fold the world record paper airplane – YouTube

How To Make 5 EASY Paper Airplanes that FLY FAR – YouTube

How to make a paper airplane – BEST paper planes that FLY FAR – Como hacer aviones de papel . Grey – YouTube


Yellow & Blue Group

Pick a Fiction Book from Oxford Owl or one you have in the house but have not read yet.

There are three activities so spread them out over the week

Prior Knowledge

Make predictions about what the book will be about based on the title, front cover and any prior knowledge of the subject.

Write these down in your eportfolio or on a piece of paper. Title it with the name of the book and then put the first heading Before Reading.

Read the book or the first couple of chapters if it is along one. Were you right, add to your post or on your paper, give a second heading After Reading.

If you are writing make sure your handwriting in neat. Writing or typing check your capital letters, fullstops, and spelling.


Discuss the setting of the story – can you use describing words
to write a description of the setting?

Read the rest of the story, or the next few chapters if it is a long one.

Beginning Middle and End

Retell the main events in the story or section you have read. What happened at the
beginning, middle and end of the story? Title this Name of story BME

Red & Green Group

Week 5 Tasks Own Novel be sure to look at this early in the week there are several parts to it. Plan out when you are going to do them.


Write instructions to make a paper aeroplane, don’t just copy text from the internet. Write your own. Or you could make a comic or movie with some instruction. If you are writing you will need lots of pictures. You could make a presentation with Keynote. Remember you will need a list of materials and equipment.

See the Features of Instructional/ Procedural Writing

Here is my example.

If you don’t feel like making your own instructions you could write and explain how I could improve this one.






Research how different civilisations throughout history have recorded numbers. Create a booklet, poster or Powerpoint to show what you have learned. Explain this to an adult in your house. Can you answer any questions they have?

Some suggestions & links for you to research –

* Roman Numerals
* How Did Anyone Do Math in Roman Numerals?
* ROMAN MATHEMATICS – Numerals & Arithmetic
* Kids Math: Roman Numerals

Ancient Egyptians
* Egyptian Mathematics Numbers Hieroglyphs
* Ancient Egypt for Kids – Ancient Math – Ancient Egypt for Kids


NHS Topic

This NHS topic is from North Lanarkshire. You could work on this over the next few weeks. Try to organise the work you do. You could make a folder or put it on your e-Portfolio and make a NHS category. There are some Social Science tasks, Health & Wellbeing ones and some Expressive Arts.

Let me know in Teams or by posting to your e-portfolio about any progress you are making.


There are still lots of Art Ideas that have not been tried by everyone, why not have a look and try some out.

Other Ideas

 Lockdown Life

Remember to check the Other Ideas page.

Minecraft Education Edition

Blogging Tips

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